For 2021, it is clear that the boot and binding makers in snowboarding have collectively put their best foot forward by putting the experience of your feet at the forefront of their dedicated designs. Comfort, customization, and control are paramount in this selection of our favorite new bindings and boots, and after a week at Mount Hood putting each piece of gear through the paces at Timberline Resort, we can confidently say that each brand’s meticulous technology and features work together cohesively in pursuit of the best carving experience possible. Staying connected to your board is about much more than tightening a few screws—quick response and long-lasting comfort come down to the cohesiveness of your boot, bindings, and board. So, check out the 2021 edition of SNOWBOARDER’s Two Feet of Fresh and perhaps you will find the boots and bindings that will give your season a leg up, even when you’re going downhill. – Mary T. Walsh

Tech Highlights:

– Stage 4 Duraflex ST Baseplate
– Trilogy Highback
– Exoframe 2.0 Ankle

MSRP: $259

Union says:

From backcountry lines to Olympic slopestyle runs, there’s only one binding that Jamie Anderson trusts when she straps in. The Union Trilogy is a women’s-specific classic that comes equipped with a responsive Stage 4 Duraflex ST baseplate, supportive Trilogy highback and new for 20/21, the super lightweight Exoframe 2.0 ankle strap. Take on the entire mountain and more with the Union Trilogy.


When a binding is backed by both Jamie Anderson and Jess Kimura, you can trust that it will provide power and response wherever you find yourself making turns. From the jump line to the streets to powder-laden steeps, the Union Trilogy has been put through the paces by some of the best snowboarders in the world for over a decade and remains a time-tested favorite for all terrain. The Trilogy features Union’s Stage 4 Duraflex ST Baseplate, a strong, female-specific plate designed for charging. The Trilogy Highback is a long-standing icon in Union’s canon of binding design; it provides ample flex while remaining responsive and strong, able to harness energy and board connection when driving turns. New for 2021, Union has enhanced the comfort of the Trilogy by adding Exoframe 2.0 Ankle Straps, the brand’s most popular ankle strap, to the chassis. The Exoframe 2.0 is extremely lightweight, provides instant response, all-day comfort, and season-long durability. While we might not all be dropping into X Games slope contests or launching backcountry cheesewedges, we can benefit from the tech that keeps Jess and Jamie connected to their boards. Bottom line, the Union Trilogy is proof that even though you use two bindings each time you ride, good things really do come in threes.

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