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It’s no mystery that Hawai’i is a long-established mecca for surf photography. With its pristine waters, dynamic geography, and an abundance of the world’s best waves and surfers. This magic combination of elements has inspired photographers to dedicate their careers to shooting surfing in the islands for ages. One such devotee is FreeSurf’s own photo editor and master lensman Brian Bielmann. Bielmann has spent 40 years capturing epic moments on the North Shore, throughout the state, and beyond. So, it is awesome to have someone with Bielmann’s pedigree pick some of his favorite photographers for this special Photo Issue.

Tommy Pierucki

Waikiki, Oahu

“Tommy has come up with a fresh perspective on shooting in town, one of the most photographed places in surfing, and somehow he’s able to put a new spin on it. He hasn’t even been shooting for too long and yet I’d have to say some of my favorite photos of Waikiki are his. His imagery makes you want to jump in the water. Just simple and fresh.”
Brian Bielmann

“There’s a lot of people I truly enjoy shooting when they’re surfing, but I would say Toots would be among my favorites. Toots looks like a statue when he’s on a wave. He’s so stoic and really enjoys the classic moves of the earlier days of longboarding. His abilities on a longboard at Queens are quite the sight.”
Tommy Pierucki

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