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He’s at it again. Extreme water athlete Chris Bertish plans to solo wing foil 2,750 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean. He will accomplish this amazing feat alone as a part of his next venture dubbed the TransPac Wing Project. Launching in June from Half Moon Bay in California, Bertish will wing foil across the Pacific to Oahu and hopes to arrive in July of 2021. The voyage will require him to complete the equivalent mileage of two marathons per day, non-stop for approximately fifty days. Bertish will be unsupported and completely unassisted, with only a GPS and a global social media audience for company.

TransPac Wing Project: Chris Bertish is Pushing the Limits (again)

An established ocean sport ambassador and athlete for high adventure, Chris Bertish has built a faithful and enthusiastic audience hundreds of thousands followers strong. In 2010, he won the Mavericks Big Wave Invitational event on a day that the surf was so massive, only the world’s greatest water athletes were able to risk injury and near death in order to win this prestigious title.

Then in 2017, Bertish one-upped himself by paddling solo across the Atlantic Ocean, a distance of 7,500 kilometers. He was at sea, alone, and completely unsupported for 93 days through storm, wind and great hardship. He tore his rotator cuff on that journey and kept paddling arriving on the shores of Antigua on March 9th of 2017.  In the process, Bertish forged his unique adventure style media model with fans waiting for his Captain’s Log updates posted on Facebook for every leg of his extraordinary journey. The effort, plus his powerful give-back to multiple non-profits garnered 721 million impressions in the United States alone.

Chris Bertish sup crossing
Chris’s final miles across the Atlantic were among the most harrowing of his journey as he pushed into head winds for the final days of his travel. Read the full story in our 2017 Summer Issue of Standup Journal!  Photo by: Marco Bava

Now, Bertish will release his film Last Known Coordinates about that transatlantic SUP crossing upon completion of his wing foil passage across the Pacific within the first two weeks of August 2021.

Watch the video above to learn what Bertish has to say about his new open water passage and what he is determined to accomplish by succeeding in it. To say the least, you won’t be disappointed and it just might make your day… well, motivational.

Stay tuned for updates about his upcoming voyage, starting with his launch in June, here at as we chart his progress across the Pacific ocean, one extraordinary mile at a time.

Aloha, Chris!  We salute you!

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