After two seasons of crossing the globe in search of the world’s most unique breaks, Dylan Graves and filmmaker Dave Malcolm have officially created the most entertaining web series in the world of surf with “Weird Waves”. In years past, Graves has hopped from continent to continent looking for the type of bizarre, novelty set-ups most experienced surfers would overlook. But when COVID-19 started wreaking havoc worldwide, shutting down borders and nearly every great plan that was set at the beginning of 2020, Graves had to shift gears for the filming of “Weird Waves” season 3.

“Like everyone else on this planet, 2020 hit us like a ton of bricks, and our plans for the year changed,” Graves explains in the opening section above. “With our plans set a little closer to home, I had no idea how many of my favorite types of waves–and people–were right down the street.”

In the first episode, which you can now watch above, Graves and his crew explore the most novel part of wave-riding: night surfing. Taking advantage of a full moon, sci-fi headlamp devices and a bioluminescent red tide of epic proportions, Graves meets up with a few nightriders who score empty waves in the dead of night.

As always, click in and enjoy Graves’ newest episode.

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