This isn’t a sojourn to some new promised land. You’re not bushwhacking through Southeast Asia or crossing continents in search of a Google Earth treasure chest.

An awful lot of our most memorable surf travels are simple road trips, highway adventures up or down the coast, just you and a bud, trying to catch some fun beach break peaks in someone else’s town. You’ve got the comfort of your own vehicle, take out burritos in tin foil and rest stop bathrooms. If you’re lucky, maybe there’s a couch waiting for you.

We put together a cool list of simple gear for highway miles to pair with podcasts, exit ramps and evening glass offs. This isn’t rugged equipment to be self-sufficient, it’s affordable gear to keep you dry, organized and not putting on a stinky, soaked wetsuit before your second session each day. Use this as a checklist for your next road trip.

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