For this year’s Go Skateboarding Day, Oakley stepped up big time by hosting a Day of Skate in Santa Monica, then donating a 16-foot wide mini ramp to the Chula Vista Skatepark in San Diego.

First up was the Day of Skate which took place on the Saturday before GSD on Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade just a stone’s throw from Oakley’s flagship store. A mini ramp was constructed courtesy of Keen Ramps and the afternoon was host to several sessions open to the public. First was the Girls Rule Skate Session with Eunice Chang, Jan Thavy and a host of ripping ladies. Next up, Venice local Olan Prenatt stopped by to give kickflip lessons and rip the ramp. Photographer Andrew James Peters was on hand to shoot photos of everyone ripping and then had them printed out in the Oakley store. Finally the Oakley Skate Jam Session saw Chris Haslam, Sierra Fellers, Jordan Maxham and the San Diego Skate Club takeover the ramp for the remainder of the day. Over in the Oakley store they were hand dipping Frogskins in paint and hooking up anyone who wanted a pair with their own one of one shades. Meow Skateboards, Skate Like A Girl, Girl Is Not A Four Letter Word, and AYA Foundation were all involved and added to the positive vibes of the day. Safe to say everyone left stoked!

Phase two of Oakley’s give-back to the skate community was relocating the ramp from Santa Monica to Chula Vista. Local skateshop Arts Rec and its owners Kellen James and Mike Metcalf were on site to help Keen Ramps settle the now-widened ramp to its new home. On June 21, the longest day of the year, the first official day of summer, and of course Go Skateboarding Day, we had an epic all-day session at the Chula Vista park with all the hometown homies. The session went off like you’d hope it would on a warm, long summer day. Last Saturday and this Go Skateboarding Day were the perfect kick off to what will be a long summer of skating and hanging with our friends. We can’t thank Oakley enough for making these events happen.

Photo Credit: Blair Alley

Jan Thavy, pure stoke at the Girls Rule Skate Session in Santa Monica.
Jan with a lien to tail.
DJ Runaway on the ones and twos!
Jan with a solid layback.
Eunice Chang on the deck with some young rippers.
Smiles all around.
Front blunt by David Anderson from the SD Skate Club.
MC Ajax with the skrillz.
How about a kickflip lesson with Olan Prenatt?
AJ can hold down the mic AND blunt fakie.
Touchy with that Beni!
Olan with a smooth five-0.
TWS Contributing Writer Mackenzie Eisenhour showed up and killed it!
DJ Runaway put on a long Smiths song and hit the ramp for a blunt or two!
Olan was having a blast.
Haslam showed up and went off. Blunt to melon grab.
Chris Haslam, 360 flip to fakie.
Sierra Fellers, this was a switch blunt nollie flip in.
Chris Haslam with a fastplant.
Craig Edwards with a stylish kickflip outta the ramp.
Over at the Oakley store, custom dipping Frogskins.
Boom! Super swirls.
Trip out.
Handing out Frogskins like candy. You shoulda been there.
New blue dose.
And matched the homie’s shirt!
The marbling tho…
The Oakley x Keen Ramps mini ramp’s new permanent home: Chula Park!
Kellen James peeps the clips on Cameron McIntosh’s cam.
Kellen James, frontside feeble.
Jose Corral, nosepick.
Kellen James, switch frontside crooked grind pop over.
Arts-Rec product toss time!
The thirsty faces.
There she goes!
Get there! Helluva day!

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