As a longboarding lover, we know that you are always looking for the best longboard which allows you to exemplify everything about surfboard.

In this writing, we would like to introduce you the Loaded Dervish – one of the best longboards in this world with the excellent carving and cruising ability.

The latest version of this board is added with nose and tail kicks, which is very useful in performing freeride tricks, especially for those preferring more flexibility over their board!

We did test out the Loaded Dervish, check all the differences and similarities and note down the most relevant reviews for you.

Keep reading and we promise it won’t disappoint you!

Best Longboard

Dive Into the Basic Feature and Review


  • New & Old school drilling pattern
  • With camber
  • Varies flex level
  • Pre-gripped tape and clear spray-on grip
  • Cruising and Carving discipline
  • 8.5 inches in width
  • 41.5 inches in length


The Loaded Dervish is equipped with an Epoxy construction, Tri-axle fiberglass sandwich and a vert-lam Bamboo core, which helps it to be lightweight, flexible but still strong as steel.

Thanks to the lower distance to the ground than other longboards, the board performs much more stability when pumping and pushing.

With the support from 41.5″ long and 8.5″ wide with a 33″ wheelbase, the Bamboo Loaded Dervish is well-known for its great cruising ability, ranked by longboarders in all level, from beginner to advanced.

Furthermore, being equipped with the Torsional Flex, the Loaded Dervish delivers much better hardware and performs the smoother movement of the baseplate in the Drop-Through design.

Our suggestion for you is choosing the 0.13″ Khiro Drop Through Strips to get the best hardware combination.

With all above-listed features and the high flexibility which adapts to riders of all skill levels, there is no doubt why the Loaded Dervish is ranked as the Best Seller of all time. We pretty sure it won’t ever disappoint any longboarder.

If you are a newbie and all you need is the high stability, the Dervish can certainly fulfill your demand. With the torsional flex and bounce back at center, the board is super easy to ride and maneuver. For riding in freestyle, take our recommendation and try the 75mm Orangatang Durians to see the difference!

On the other hand, advanced riders may look for more professional features like an extended nose and tail for their thrilling flip tricks. The Loaded Dervish with 180 Randal trucks, Bear 852, or Paris 180mm longboard trucks, can satisfy them too.

If you are planning to cruise hill, we recommend the 75mm longboard wheels or the Retro Big Zig Reflex formula longboard wheels.

Last but not least, it’s also important to notice that all board will soften by time, and so is the Dervish. Therefore, if you don’t want to buy another one just after 1 year, you should estimate a little bit more about the flex that fit you.

  • If you are over 150 lbs, choose the Flex 1.
  • If you are under 150 lbs, choose the Flex 2.

You also can follow the upgrade of the Khiro and Venom longboard bushing to get better performance for your Loaded Dervish!

Overall Review

“You will love the Loaded Dervish right at the moment you put your foot on it!” – That is what we guarantee you over this board.

The board is specially designed in the upside down “u” shape, which is cambered from tip to tail, and mounted trucks on the deck’s top. The design is quite strange, which allows the wheels to be seen completely even when you stand on the deck.

With all above-listed features, the board delivers the perfect balance with the perfect ride, especially to get a former skateboarder rolling again.

However, the road’s pebbles may instantly stop the tracks as well as cause unexpected accidents to skaters.

The board was first released more than ten years ago (in 2007) and soon defined itself as a superlative longboard, offering stakes more stability and easier slides r.

With the camber absorbs vibration, soft wheel, mounted trucks, and lower gravity, the board maintains a great and stable speed with a stealthy quiet roll.

Learn More About the Loaded Dervish

Like the name, the Dervish consists of a bamboo core sandwiched by epoxy and fiberglass for stronger strength. This special core is also the reason for the easy flex of the board.

With 42.8 inches in length and 9 inches in width, the board is a ½ inch wider than the normal board, thus providing more space for the skater to stand on the board.

The new Dervish version is known for more noticeable concave than the older one so that you can have better feel and control of the longboard.

Loaded Dervish Longboard in Detail

Loaded Dervish Longboard in detailWith two flexes available in the board, the Dervish performs much better than the traditional snowboard. It stores energy to help you make a turn easily as well as maintain the speed automatically (without putting your foot down on the ground like the traditional boards).

The bamboo core and the non-toxic epoxy also enhance the performance of the Dervish and adapt to the need of skaters from all ages and skill levels.

Despite being listed as one of the best longboards in the world, the price of the Loaded Dervish is absolutely affordable. It only cost less than $350 for full box features with all these innovations!

Obviously, the price range is not the cheapest one but still cheaper than other high-end products. However, more importantly, its quality is the same as the high-end.

Furthermore, the lifespan of these boards is usually longer than those of other brands in the market.

Indeed, we did receive some complaints that the trucks and the boards may be cracked if it is run over by car. However, we haven’t tested this case and we do believe that the duration of the boards also depends on the way to use and maintain it!

We are sure that the fun you get in riding will pay off all the effort and time it takes you to maintain the board! If the trip is less than 3 miles, we recommend you to leave your bicycle at home, pick up the Dervish and take a skateboarding trip instead!

Loaded Dervish Longboard Will Take You to the Trip

Loaded Dervish LongboardYes, we guarantee the Loaded Dervish Longboard is perfect for urban dwellers.

You can have a skateboarding trip with your friends.

Or you can grab a short trip instead of using a bicycle.

The board’s size is small enough to fit in a car truck, or in a suitcase, or even in carry-on luggage on a plane.

We believe you will have a new way, which is faster, funnier and cooler than walking, to explore the next destination on your trip. The board will pique the curiosity of the crowd and let you bust out a line to shine like a star on every road you stake on.

Let Check Out the Unique Design of the Loaded Dervish

design of the Loaded DervishThere is no doubt that the most highlight feature of the Loaded Dervish Sama is its flex!

More interestingly, you can choose the flex type that fit your weight and your need, based on the following sizing chart:

The more flexible the longboard is, the tighter your turns gonna get (at relatively slow speeds). Remember, the really flexy board can bring you out of the tight turn, but the over-flexy deck will increase the wobbling speed!

Indeed, the lighter and stiffer the deck is, the more stability at higher speed you can have!

Therefore, the Flex 2 (or 3) is best fit for you if you want to cruise normally and try sophisticated tricks occasionally. On the other hand, the Flex 1 can provide you a slightly stiffer board. It is very versatile for you to choose from.

The second big innovation of the Loaded Dervish is that nose and tail kicks are added. These kicks give skater greater leverage to lock their feet in the boards.

The Dervish is specially designed with a custom grip tape, which is really helpful during extreme maneuvers. Unlike most of the longboards in today market, this grip tape is designed to vary based off the coarseness.

On the main body, the Dervish is equipped with regular grip tape, assisting in performing and responding quick tricks as your wish.

All things above certainly make the Loaded Dervish a unique design, which is special enough to impress any skate lovers but also easy enough for a beginner!

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Main Components and Its Benefits

Main Components and its benefitsAs mentioned before, the Loaded provides long trucks that perfectly fit the look and feel of the board. The board also uses the smaller size of wheel purposefully designed to well accommodate with any wheel without using wheel bite.

For wheels, Loaded recommends any wheel size under 75 mm. They developed the Dervish Sama to accommodate 75mm wheels without any wheel bite.

The last piece of the board setup is its 70mm Orangatang Stimulus wheels. It is extremely useful in providing a freestyle skateboarding experience to any skater.

This type of wheel is ranked as the top list in the market by its well-balanced grip and drift, as well as such an amazing cruising and sliding experience it delivers to the rider!

Thank the pre-oiled SL Abec 7 bearings, the Loaded Dervish can provide the very easy rolling wheels. In the near future, we are looking forward to a much slight upgrade with the help of the latest Red Bones Bearings.

According to the recent price, the extra cost for upgrading is relatively low, which is less than $20 but provides much better riding experience to the skate rider!

Completely equipped but super lightweight, the Loaded Dervish is only 7 lbs for a full version. This weight is perfect for skaters to carry the board around, take it with your day trip or prepare for a nice hang out with friends.

Riding the Loaded Dervish Sama

Riding the Loaded Dervish SamaYou are coming to the last part of this review.

It is time for you to put your feet on the board, and experience how cool the sheer, the stuff and the flex it offers.

Only an additional ½ inch in width, but a huge difference is made with this extension.

You should try it around and make some turns to check its carving limit. As we did recommend, the flex 1 is good for an expert and the flex 3 will fully adopt the needs of a beginner.

In case you don’t really know exactly your skill levels, you can choose the Flex mode based on your weight (as the sizing chart above) or choose over the Flex 2 to get the moderate flexible level.

The Flex 2 will offer better control over every movement of your board, while others are too flexy at high speeds.

The Drop-Through design will also help to keep the board pushing easier than others, while still maintaining safe stability. This detail is very important if you are planning to go downhills.

The latest kicks equipped with the Dervish provide a very appreciated coarser grip tape. It helps the skaters to skate freely and smoothly without worrying about falling off the longboard.

Thanks to the support of these small kicks, the rider is able to dig their feet to the carve, then lock them as tight as possible.

You can easily kick out the board’s back and make a beautiful yet powerful slides downhills, especially with the help of the pressure from the back and the feet pushing against the kicks.

Simple but fun, that is all we can tell you about the riding with Dervish.

The smooth feel from the right flex as well as the feel of control over every part of the board, the Loaded Dervish will absolutely impress any skater from their very first ride!

The little fun fact about the Dervish is its second name – a whirling Dervish. It is called that because of the superb abilities in carving and cruising. If you dare, you are able to dance with this board and enjoy such a great pleasure ever!

Who Should Buy the Loaded Dervish Sama?

The loaded Dervish is produced for every level skaters, including yours!

If you are planning for a downhill boarding trip, the Loaded Dervish is here for you!

If you are considering a high-quality board with long lifespan for a fun skateboarding, the Loaded Dervish can adapt all your needs.

No matter how long you skate, it can satisfy you.

In the last words of the writing, we would like to conclude in few words, which are “take the board and dance in whatever style you want, the Loaded Dervish will give you such an incredible experience like no other”!

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