Gabby, meet GoPro dude. GoPro dude, meet Gabby.

With no contests to win or judges to impress, the two-time WSL World Champ has been doing his best impression of WFH––which basically just means getting shacked over and over again in Brazilian beachbreak. This two-minute edit features some absolutely ridiculous rides from Medina––that’s to be expected. But there’s one ride in particular that we just couldn’t stop watching.

At the 33-second mark, Gabe drops into a firing left-hander, tucks into the barrel, and locks eyes with GoPro dude. The man’s left arm is fully extended and eyes’ completely transfixed on Medina. For a blissful moment in time, this guy must have thought he was going to score the ultimate shot. That is, until the wave sucked him over the falls and straight down onto Medina.

Remember folks, never turn your back on the ocean.

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