Meet Darrell Plampin. A Denver, Colorado native who is passionate about the mountains and his music. As a guitar technician, Darrell is a mainstay in the vibrant local music scene, in fact his handcrafted guitars have been played around the world, including in the famed Red Rocks in his own backyard of Denver.

Snowboarder spent a day catching up with Darrell as part of VELO’s Road Trip: Beyond Boundaries program, a cross-country adventure bringing you access to individuals who are experiencing life beyond the boundaries, pursuing their passions and striving to make a difference in their local communities.

In the video above, Darrell shares why his job, and his love of sport, pushes him to explore life beyond his normal boundaries. For Darrell, pushing himself to be his best means ensuring his guitars are always in tune for the world to see, and that his snowboard gives him the confidence to tackle any new and difficult terrain he encounters.

Darrell Velo

Want to go beyond your boundaries and explore like a local in Denver?  Here are some of Darrell’s favorite Denver hangouts:


Sitting just a stone’s throw away from Boulder, (21-miles, John Elway) Eldora is also strikingly close to Denver and offers up both refillable glade stashes as well as top notch park facilities curated by the team at Woodward.

Loveland Ski Area is Darrell’s favorite spot to board. Loveland is the closest I-70 resort to Denver, so for mid-week laps you can be up and back before your afternoon work shift. Situated at the top of the continental divide, Loveland is one of the first resorts to open and one of the last resorts to close each year.

Hit I-70 West from Denver and any old-timer worth their salt will tell you about Arapahoe Basin. It has a flavor and vibe that is totally unique to the area. The ‘Legend’ as it is known to locals recently added Montezuma Bowl, over 600 acres of pure pleasure. Don’t expect any frills at A-Basin, this is a true ski area, nothing more than chair lifts, a day lodge and a parking lot.


Don’t rush home after conquering the A-Basin. The 6th Alley Bar & Grill is the Arapahoe Basin base lodge restaurant. Pro-tip: get the Bacon Bloody Mary. It’s like eating a meal and having a perfect kick back and relax drink, all in one.

My Brother’s Bar is staking claim as the oldest bar in Denver. Wanna order like a local? Get your burger with a side of frings (fries and onion rings). Believe us, you’ll want to try both..


Best known for “Catching some stars under the stars”, the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater is iconic for its spectacular setting.  A constant stream of musical acts comes through on the park, providing a unique opportunity to enjoy the best of music and nature in all its glory.

The Fillmore opened in 1907 as a roller skating rink and is now Colorado’s largest indoor general admission seating venue. If you like standing for shows and staying warm in the middle of a Denver winter, this is your spot. The chandeliers on the ceiling provide an unmistakable vibe, and the acoustics are top notch.

Originally a jazz club back in the ‘30s, Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom now books an eclectic array of acts specializing in those that make an audience want to dance, and that they do. If you’re looking to move your feet, bring em down to Cervantes’.

The Fox is Boulder’s premiere theatre, and consistently ranked as one of the country’s top music venues, The Fox boasts incredible sound and an intimate atmosphere that is unrivaled in the area.

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