The pool session at Donald skatepark at night was so memorable. The next day we picked up Danny Way and Jake Brown, that’s why you don’t see either of them in this episode. Danny came on the trip with a bad wrist and knee—I remember he walked into the RV, picked up the guitar and started jamming, I hit record and never hit stop. It seemed natural to keep his shredding going under the skating sounds. I have some more jamming with Danny, I’ll save it for the next episode. From that session, you can see Pat Duffy is the man—he was already the MVP on the trip, he literally didn’t stop skating the entire month in the RV. The logistics of the trip still confuse me, and make me wonder just why any of these guys agreed to come on this trip. The skaters dealt with this trip so well, they all slept in the RV with clearly not enough beds, barely a shower or bathroom, and NO hotels. I don’t think this type of trip could happen nowadays unless it was a “homie trip.” The best part is we all got along and lived harmoniously for a month crammed together 🙂
Jon Holland @jon_holland
Clint Peterson @clintscorner
Ryan Wilburn @wilburnside
Judd Hertzler @juddhertz
Donny Barley @donnybarley
Pat Duffy @pduffplanb
Mat Dove @punkrockfish
Donny Barley @donnybarley
Danny Way @dannyway
Jamie @wusurper
Dave Swift @daveswift01
Ped Urtz @ped_urtz
Alex Horn @lostincranslation

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