I start each video the same way, I pick two to five DV tapes (in order) from my Transworld DV drawer. I read my log book and find out what’s in store for the next video. I line the deck up with the time code that coincides with what I have written down, and the memories start flowing. I’ll fiddle with the order depending on just how gnarly the tricks are, BUT these videos are chronological in the sense that I do not skip around to different tapes just to find “gnarlier” tricks to make the edits better. These edits play very closely to how the footage got recorded on each tape and what time frame I filmed each trick.

I’ve been excited to get to these Miam tapes. This was my first time in Miami, Pete Thompson set up the two-week trip. He’d already picked out some skaters, I was already focusing on Stefan, Kyle, Pat and Omar so of course they came too. I think there were ten skaters in total. I think the blue hubba (North Miami Beach) was one of the first days we were there. We filled in a huge square skate stopper to make the hubba skateable, damn those guys went in on it. The white hubba (ADP) might have even been the same night. I didn’t realize just how much Stefan battled that switch flip backside 50-50 OR that Raymond was trying switch backsside tail shove-it.

This trip was supposed to be two weeks, but Stefan, Kyle, Richard, Omar and I ended up staying two months. I had the TWS Amex card so I figured as long as these guys are getting clips then I’ll keep staying. Of course I checked in with Jon Holland to make sure it was okay. The nightlife in Miami is crazy. You could night skate until 12 and still have plenty of time to hit the clubs and that’s what we did. We skated a lot because we’d stay out late and wake up late, plus it was so hot there we’d wait out the heat. This trip inspired Stefan, Kyle, and myself to go back to Miami a few more times as the years went by.
Stefan Janoski, Kyle Leeper, Omar Salazar, Jack Curtin, Sean Payne, Jose Rojo, John Newport, Raymond Molinar, Van Wastell, Richard Angelides.

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