Alex Olson stayed with Daniel (Shimizu) and I for a few months. He was so mature and cool for his age, I think he was 16. He would cook his own food, clean up after himself, and he wasn’t loud, actually he was quiet. The perfect type of house guest. His style was awesome, I think he was getting boards from Alien OR Toy Machine, but as we all know he ended up on Girl (pre 917). This is the second time that blue barrier has shown up on my tapes, I found it somewhere and kept it at our apartment. Every now and then I would find a spot and bring it there.

Some filming inspiration: I was very into Fred Montage, Kirk Dianda, Ty Evans, and Jon Holland’s filming style. Fred’s rolling long lens and zooms were a big inspiration. I know I tried (and copied) how he shot stuff. I have a feeling he was inspired by another filmmaker as well. I get pretty annoyed about today’s filming style. It’s my opinion that most filmmakers are copying a certain look. It could be full circle—maybe that’s how Ty, Greg, Fred, and Kirk felt about me..? Like I was just copying them and wasn’t original, but I have no clue. Of course this is my opinion.

PS: I’m not to the point in my tapes yet, but I do remember a “breakthrough” on one of my many filming trips to Spain where I stayed with Oliver Barton. Ollie showed me this amazing documentary Baraka and that opened the floodgates of ideas. I wanted to emulate that film with skating—lots of time lapse, incorporate the city and people with tricks, and show how cool these spots and locations looked that we were skating at. But of course that wasn’t just shooting, I would need to mesh that with a certain editing style.

Featuring Shiloh Greathouse, Alex Olson, Kenny Anderson, Seu Trinh, Bennett Harada

I start each video the same way, I pick two to five DV tapes (in order) from my TransWorld DV drawer. I read my log book and find out what’s in store for the next video. I line the deck up with the time code that coincides with what I have written down, and the memories start flowing. I’ll fiddle with the order depending on just how gnarly the tricks are, BUT these videos are chronological in the sense that I do not skip around to different tapes just to find “gnarlier” tricks to make the edits better. These edits play very closely to how the footage got recorded on each tape and what time frame I filmed each trick.

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