Security, hero citizens, people with power—AHHHH they are so annoying. A few great things that skating has taught me or opened my eyes to is how people with power really love to flex it. As skaters, I feel like 75-percent of the time we were the perfect people to flex on. Sometimes you’re skating in the back of a horrible smelling super market, other times in front of a city hall, and 9 times out of 10 you were treated like you just robbed the building. I lived with Daniel Shimizu and a roomate, we found a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment in the heart of Hollywood near the 101 cafe. The apartment had a tiny office 8-foot by 10-foot, I lived in there, I payed $300 a month, IT WAS PERFECT! I was never home. I’m trying not to fan out right now, I’m driving up “the 5” freeway and I have Pat Duffy sitting shotgun. We are heading up to Sacramento to stay with Stefan. Stefan would always let me stay with him, plus he was in Subtleties so it only made sense, going up to Sacto was like my other life. I had the city dialed, I knew it like it was LA plus I had the best skaters in town (Biebel and Stefan) letting us stay with them, and show us around, it was the life.

I remember the San Jose session vaguely but since Stefan or Biebel wasn’t with me I think it was a solo session I did. If Brandon or Stefan didn’t want to night skate I would try to hook up with whoever to get montage footage for Subtleties. Corey was always a safe bet, he had such good spots, and would do some crazy shit. Ethan’s backside 360 down the big four was SO EPIC! He handled it so easily like it was a normal sized four…

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