Red Bull just released a brand-spanking-new documentary featuring future US Olympian and ex-rodeo youth star Caroline Marks (refer to the 4:40 mark for an explanation of that latter description)–and it’s worth your next 21 minutes.

As you’ll see above, Marks didn’t start surfing consistently until the age of 10, but quickly turned her love of horseback riding into a die-hard obsession with riding waves. It only took a few years before her newfound hobby turned into a competitive career, which landed her on the ‘CT at the young age of 15. She’s since used her hyper-competitive mindset to outperform the biggest names on the women’s Tour and secure a spot on the 2021 US Olympic surf team.

“For me, if I’m not winning, I’m learning and that’s my mindset,” says Mars. “I kind of feel like a sponge trying to constantly absorb information – anything that can make me better. I’m only 19 now, so I’m still constantly learning so much. It’s been the most fun ride ever, and I feel like I’m just getting started.”

Hit the play button above to learn about Marks’ rise to stardom, how her family helped her get there and what’s in store for the young prodigy.

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