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Surf icon Shaun Tomson has paired up with Surfrider Foundation, the world’s largest surfing environmental group, to share The Power of the Code, a free livestream interactive presentation for families and friends to find hope, strength and resilience in these turbulent times, Monday, April 13, 2020 from 5 pm to 7pm PDT.

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Based on his bestselling book, “The Code,” his new two-hour program shares a framework to guide families through ways to cope with change and enrich the connection to one another, and to one’s fundamental purpose.

“In today’s uncertain world, when we are all disconnected, fearful and stressed, The Code is powerful way for families and friends to visualize a better future and commit toward realizing it,” Tomson said. “Over the years, tens of thousands of people – families, employees, friends, students and inmates – have intimately connected with each other through writing and then sharing their Code aloud – 12 lines, each line beginning with ‘I will…’”

The Code is a simple yet powerful 30-minute exercise that reveals who you are, and who you want to be. It is a tool of hope, commitment and shared values and is a way to find and define one’s purpose, simply and quickly.

“Sometimes all you need to turn hope into action is to write your promises down and say them out loud—to make a promise to no one but yourself. The Code is about many things—faith, courage, creativity, determination—but above all it’s about the promises we make to ourselves about the future,” Tomson added. “These personal promises will inspire everyone participating to believe in the power that each and every one of us has to shape our lives through the power of “I Will.”

Tomson has delivered similar programs to inspire brands like Google, Disney, Sonos, GM, and schools and universities across the world. Now that we are living in an unprecedented time – business and life are upside-down – and are adjusting to new ways of working, learning, and socializing, he is delivering his presentations to virtual audiences. His presentation for Surfrider comes at a time when families and friends are under severe stress, and companies are trying to find ways to keep their workforce engaged and focused on positive outcomes.

The Power of the Code Agenda (suitable for ages 10 years and older)

  • A virtual keynote drawing upon Tomson’s unique experiences as a world-champion surfer, father and entrepreneur.
  • A 20-minute session in which he guides each participant on writing their Code – a 12-line commitment to (re)awaken purpose, and (re)connect and empower others with character, courage, and commitment, each line beginning with “I will.”
  • Opportunity for worldwide connection by participants to experience the power of “I Will” after the session as others volunteer to share their code.

About Shaun Tomson

Shaun Tomson, Surfrider Foundation’s first ambassador and pro surfer member, is a former World Surfing Champion and was named one of the 10 greatest surfers of all time, and one of the most influential surfers of the century.

As a leadership speaker, Shaun Tomson shows how to find and define one’s purpose using his proprietary Code Method. He powerfully re-engages individuals and activates a positive wave of commitment and performance throughout an organization. Shaun has shared his academically tested Code Method around the world, from high-powered boardrooms in the US and Europe to rural schools in South Africa. He has worked with General Motors, Google, Gap, Patagonia, Cisco, Disney and PWC along with universities including USC, UCSB, Claremont Graduate University, University of Oregon, Missouri State, Rotterdam School of Management and Melbourne University

He has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, a Master of Science in Leadership from Northeastern University and has created two popular apparel brands, Instinct and Solitude (co-founded with his wife Carla). He is the author of the best sellers Surfer’s Code and The Code – The Power of “I Will” and produced and co-wrote the documentary film Bustin’ Down the Door (2006). He is a past board member of Surfrider Foundation and the Santa Barbara Boys & Girls Club and is an ambassador for Boys to Men mentoring. He lives with his wife Carla and son Luke in Montecito, California.

The Surfrider Foundation USA is a 501 (c) (3) grassroots non-profit environmental organization that works to protect and preserve the world’s oceans, waves and beaches. It focuses on water quality, beach access, beach and surf spot preservation and sustaining marine and coastal ecosytems. Headquartered in San Clemente, California, the Surfrider Foundation maintains a small staff, which works to support the organization’s network of regional grassroots chapters. The current CEO is Chad Nelsen.

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