This year’s edition of the Local Motion Surf Into Summer was stellar. Presented by Avva Brand, the event was held once again at Ala Moana Bowl, one of Hawaii’s most popular and prestigious surf spots. With a very cool island vibe, plenty of prizes and a wide array of divisions for both male and female, the Local Motion Surf Into Summer is one of the state’s longest running and most populated surfing events in Hawaii.

Solid 3-6’ swell pumped all weekend blessing several hundred competitors from all over the state. From the small kids to the masters and longboarders spectators, family and friends were treated to a truly epic weekend of surfing competition. Head judge Dave Shipley commented, “There were so many good waves and so many well-surfed waves it was very close in almost every division to pick a winner.”

Kekoa Cazimero, longtime local surfer at Ala Moana and top man at Avva Brand summarized it perfectly: “To be a part of the Local Motion Surf Into Summer, it means the absolute world to me. I grew up surfing this event as Freesurf Magazine well knows, we were down here early in the morning with our parents and we looked forward to this event every single year. You know, we got gift bags full of prizes from all the legacy brands that we rode for so it’s a full circle moment for me to be able to provide the prizes, the gift bags, and to be down here to support my team riders now and also supporting the upcoming generation. So, it’s a full circle moment for sure.”

Cazimero is no stranger to Ala Moana Bowl and was notably stoked to see all the kids and participants enjoying such a south swell treat. Kekoa adds, “So, you know, the Local Motion team’s been making a joke and hitting me up and, you know, being that a local boy from the Bowl got involved in the event and all of a sudden, (after several very small and challenging years) the waves are firing . It’s so rad. This is my home break and it’s absolutely firing right now. I’ve been surfing here since I was seven years old. I’ve become one with this wave where it’s just a part of my DNA, you know what I mean? So it was only natural that we sponsored this event. We’re running a business and a brand, and it’s a lot of work, but at the end of the day, it’s the small moments like this that make it worth it. To be able to support the keiki and the upcoming generations, it’s just who we are. You know, we live this. We surf. This is our lifestyle. So, you know, if I can do this for a living and I can also support the kids like this, I’m the happiest person in the world. I mean, these groms are stoked. It’s some of the best conditions possible. The Local Motion team’s happy, Avva team’s happy. I think everyone’s happy ’cause it’s firing. I’m just psyched to be here. It’s perfect.

MENEHUNE S.B. (11 & U)
Kingston Palakiko
Jaxon Peters
Reef Johnson
Tauirai Henriou
Aukai Tanaka
Rowan Nixon

BOYS S.B. (12-14)
Merrik Mochkatel
Kahanu Rangel
Kona Abubo
Max Peters
Wesley Beavers
Na’o Clifton

GIRLS S.B. (17 & U)
Kiara Goold
Kiki Oshiro-Kaneshiro
Haven Ingbino Francisco
Zoie Zietz
Skai Suitt
Elliana Schiffner

WOMEN S.B. (18 & UP)
Renee Martin
Lucy Jarrard
Ellie Brown
Chesney Guinotte
Tia Rista
Momo Sakuma

Matthew Vasquez
Kenny McOmber
Konan Riddleberger
Eizen Grace
Kaimana Domen
Sam Schatz

Sive Jarrard
Bella Eberz
Puaiohi Defries
Cash Hoover
Hanae Rose
Lotus Manatad-Watson

MASTER S.B. (25-34)
Kameron Dowis
Kylen Yamakawa
Kaoliopuuwai Kahokuloa
Philippe Chagas
Paliku Victorino
Keone James Machida

MENS S.B. (18-24)
Matteus Santos
Rylan Beavers
Taj Marzouki
Dante Silva
Kainehe Hunt
Bradyn Yoshida

SR MEN S.B. (35 & UP)
Diego Santos
Matthew Vincent
Marshall Alberga
Mike Cao
Greg Nakamura
Chris Len

JR MEN S.B. (15-17)
Luke Tema
Davi Stella
Ace Arizumi
Tiger Abubo
Kala Desoto
Reef Isono

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