Action Sports Stars Tanner Hall, Stan Leville and Tom Wallisch Join the 2024 Winter Dew Tour Broadcast Team. Courtesy of Dew Tour

Winter Dew Tour, fueled by MTN DEW, announces its 2024 on-air talent line-up for the 20th Anniversary of the premier action sports competition and festival featuring the world’s best freeskiers and snowboarders. The festivities will take place at Copper Mountain, Colo. from March 8-10.

Making their on-air Winter Dew Tour debut: 

  • Tanner Hall, Ski analyst – Nicknamed “Ski Boss,” Tanner was born in Kalispell, Mont. where he grew up skiing at Big Mountain. He made the podium at three consecutive Winter Dew Tour events in 2009, winning two halfpipe events. This feat combined with his seven X Games gold medals make him one of the GOATs of freeskiing. His filming and backcountry adventures have created some of the biggest moments in the sport. Named one of Powder Magazine’s most influential skiers of all time, Tanner recently released his latest film “XL” on his 40th birthday. At this year’s Dew Tour, he will be making his first foray into live sports broadcasting.
  • Justin “Stan” Leveille, Snowboard Host – Justin is a standout in snowboarding famed for his humorous critique. His alter ego Stan emerged when he playfully dubbed everyone “Stan,” which quickly became his nickname in the industry from that point forward. From YoBeat comics to hosting Snowboarder Magazine’s “Last Resort” online show, he brings a unique and humorous perspective to the industry. Stan’s unfiltered take and genuine love challenge the industry to embrace authenticity. He is also one of the voices for Slush Magazine’s editorial crew.

Returning Winter Dew Tour talent include:

  • Tom Wallisch, Ski Host  – Returning to the Winter Dew Tour roster, Tom gained fame in skiing through online videos starting in 1990, most notably winning the 2007 Level 1 SuperUnknown contest. Tom is a four-time Winter Dew Tour champion with six total podiums. Recognized for distinctive spins, he earned accolades such as Powder’s Reader Poll and Freeskier Magazine’s Skier of the Year. Despite a setback in 2013–2014 due to an injury, Wallisch rebounded with a focus on park and urban filming, setting a world record with a 424-foot rail grind in 2016. In recent years, Tom has become renowned as a top on-air analyst for free skiing.
  • Todd Richards, Snowboard Host – A Dew Tour commentator since the inaugural Winter Dew Tour event in 2008, Richards continues to shape snowboarding as he has done in his entire career. A pioneering snowboarder from Paxton, Mass., Richards revolutionized the sport with his “skate style.” Dominating winter halfpipes, he clinched numerous US Open titles, X Games gold medals and World Championship victories, and was part of the first ever 1998 winter Olympic USA Halfpipe Team. Since 2006, Todd has been the Winter Olympic Games color commentator for NBC.
  • Mary Walsh, Snowboard Analyst – A dynamic force in snowboarding, Walsh returns for her third year at Dew Tour and serves as editor-in-chief of Snowboard Magazine, where she continues shaping the sport’s narrative. She is a writer, photographer and broadcast commentator, who through being one of the play-by-play hosts of the Natural Selection Tour and a broadcast analyst at the 2022 Winter Olympics, continues to showcase her deep understanding and passion for the sport.
  • Chris Cote, Sideline Reporter – Cote is one of the most recognizable faces and personalities in the action sports world. His start came from being a competitive skater and surfer, but found his calling in journalism and on-air work beginning with his longtime editor role of Transworld Surf Magazine. A seasoned personality, Cote has made significant contributions as a play-by-play specialist for events like Vans Park Series, and continues to stay active in snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding. His versatile career spans television hosting, commentary, DJing and making music in a multitude of bands and media productions.
  • JJ Thomas, Snowboard Analyst – JJ made a mark in snowboarding with podium success, notably winning the superpipe at the 2010 Winter Dew Tour. In 2002, JJ won the Superpipe competition at the X Games, and earned a bronze at the 2002 Winter Olympics for the snowboarding superpipe sweep of Team USA that same year. Known for pushing progression, JJ completed the first-ever 1080 at the 2003 X Games Superpipe competition. In post competition years, Thomas was best known for his time as the former USA Men’s Halfpipe Coach for two Olympic Games for notable athletes – Shaun White and Toby Miller. Currently, JJ serves as the marketing manager for the Whitespace snowboard brand.

The full event schedule and invited athletes can be found at

Winter Dew Tour will be livestreamed in its entirety on, Facebook Live, YouTube and other major platforms for more than 15 hours. Dew Tour can also be viewed globally including CaffeineTV, Outside, Proseiben and FuelTV. Stay updated at and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube by following @DewTour.






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