While he’s beloved for his unimpeachably infectious good nature, goofyfooter and Lowers-regular Dane Gudauskas is perhaps just as treasured for the way in which he juxtaposes his idiosyncratic brand of sweet-tempered earnestness by man-handling, even assaulting, wave faces at blinding speeds with untempered ferocity. 

So what’s a momentum-junky like Dane G. doing riding a presumably waterlogged, chunky railed, pre-involvement-era longboard — arguably the slowest board one could put under one’s feet? Gudauskas’ answer, which is revealed in the video above, is illustrative of why “Quivers” is such a compelling series. Gudauskas’ accumulation includes a spectrum of mind-expanding crafts, ranging from the aforementioned lethargic log to a turbocharged, sub-five-foot, and truly far-out Donald Brink asymm. 

Click play to watch Dane G. extoll the virtues of different feels, whether they b e restrictive drag or unlimited speed. 

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