A Jetty staff photo – the brand is celebrating 20 years in business. Photo courtesy of Jetty.

The crew behind New Jersey-based Jetty sees the surf lifestyle brand as poised to take on more market share in the coming years as they celebrate 20 years in business.

Jetty – founded by CEO Jeremy DeFilippis, along with Chief Commercial Officer Cory Higgins and several high school friends – has carved a spot for itself in core surf, while also working to expand into the outdoor market. Today, the business is sold in 700 U.S. stores, with hires in recent years that are helping solidify the company’s market position.

The Jetty team now says it’s redoubling efforts this year on the core, while growing its ambassador team and planning for a new store during a period of change within the action sports industry.

“We’re leaning heavily on our core and doubling down on what makes Jetty unique: our strong roots in gritty, cold-water surf that defines the East Coast surf culture,” Chief Creative Officer and partner John Clifford said in a release announcing the company’s anniversary. “Our version of the culture isn’t an exotic and carefree lifestyle. It’s a grind and a challenge, earned over a lifetime of dedication.”

jetty sinkSwim

Jetty at Sink ‘R Swim in New Jersey. SES file photo. 





2024 and Beyond

Over the past several years, Jetty has worked to strengthen its team.

In 2022, the company brought on Lee Byrd as COO. That same year, Jetty hired Lisa Joseph, who was recently promoted to director. Joseph works on the product development team and has built out Jetty’s women’s line and also helped to expand the men’s assortment. In January of this year, Jon Coen joined the marketing team as a content producer.

Jetty CEO Jeremy DeFilippis told SES the business expects continued revenue growth in 2024 as the team focuses on margin, along with brand building and awareness.

A big part of that has to do with the marketing department’s work this year to boost the ambassador team by expanding the group and changing up how it works with those members.

“Adding to our existing Jetty crew of nearly 100 team riders, ambassadors, and influencers, but also restructuring how we communicate and incentivize them by getting back to basics, simplifying, and telling our story through them,” DeFilippis said of the approach to the ambassadors.

The drive comes at what could be seen as an opportune time for Jetty and other industry brands with the more recent sponsored athlete shuffling, most notably among former Boardriders-backed athletes.

“Without a doubt,” DeFilippis said when asked if the company will be opportunistic around adding athletes given the marketplace movement. “We never got immersed into the old school surf contracts very much, but at this point there are very talented and fitting individuals, some right here in our backyard, that beautifully fit the Jetty mold.”

DeFilippis also said 2024 will be a year of planning for Jetty’s second store opening in 2025 in the Northeast.

The company currently operates its flagship and sole Jetty store in Manahawkin, New Jersey.

jetty JohnClifford CoryHiggins JeremyDeFilippis

Jetty’s Creative Director John Clifford, Chief Commercial Officer Cory Higgins, and CEO Jeremy DeFilippis. SES file photo.


After 20 years in business, there’s a lot to reflect upon.

“We’re a fairly diversified business between wholesale, DTC, and our screen-printing division Jetty Ink,” DeFilippis said. “There have been distinct periods where each has played the hero role, while the others needed extra attention and support. The lesson is to control what we can control.”

There’s also the Jetty Rock Foundation focused on ocean and waterway protection projects.

What started as five friends each chipping in about $200 to start the business has clearly grown into more than the men’s, women’s, and kids lifestyle apparel label.

“It’s all about the people,” DeFilippis said. “The relationships we have formed over the last 20-plus years are amazing and a huge motivator that keeps us going. The retailers, the collaborations with other brands, our customers, and most of all, our employees. We’re so proud to continue to grow an in-house team that handles finance, culture, design, production, sales, marketing, and more. We draw our own line. The fact that we employ 50-plus people locally here in New Jersey and vibe every day to grow the business is incredible. Couple that with our blue-collar, work hard, play hard mentality and it really sets us apart.”


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