The Directors of the Eddie Aikau Foundation and the Aikau Family are  excited to welcome Rip Curl, an international organization, to the elite group of sponsors and  partners for the upcoming 2024-25 Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational events. We are  excited about our partnership with this amazing Australian based company. From the  executives to the staff running the day-to-day operations, they have a vast knowledge of the  surfing industry and a great enthusiasm for carrying on the legacy of Eddie Aikau and our  mission to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture.  

Each of the following sponsors are instrumental to our success in continuing to conduct The  EDDIE Big Wave Invitational Opening Ceremony & the Surf Contest. As a non-profit  Foundation, we rely on donations and contributions, both monetary and in-kind services, to  finance these incredible events. Mahalo to these sponsors for their past and continued  support for the future of The EDDIE:  

  • Hawaiian Airlines  
  • Kona Brewing Co  
  • Polynesian Adventure Tours  
  • COSTA Sunglasses  
  • Luxury Card  
  • Patagonia  
  • Waimea Valley -Hi’ipaka LLC  
  • Pacific Power Electrical  
  • Dawson / Hawaiian Native Corp  
  • KHON2 TV  
  • Salt+Air Studios  
  • Surfline  
  • Pictures Plus  
  • Artist – EDDY Y  
  • Peter David Photography 
  • Waiakea Hawaiian
  • Volcanic Beverages 
  • Reyn Spooner  

These websites will be updated soon with the date of the Opening Ceremony and the Holding  Period for The EDDIE 2024-25 Big Wave Invitational. 

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