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Imagine five days all expenses paid, in a luxury resort with world champion SUP surfers and coaches, top of the line equipment and daily multiple surf sessions, including personal video reviews & analysis to boost your paddle surfing performance through the roof.  That’s what the SUP Vets powered by GenRation Xperiences is all about.

The SUP Vets is a newly hatched non-profit serving active duty and retired military men and women. It offers a full-scale retreat carefully constructed with GenRation Xperiences designed to immerse veterans in the healing benefits of the ocean, enjoy the camaraderie of their peers and learn how to SUP surf.

James Bartelloni Daniel Hughes The SUP Veterans GenRationJames “Bart” Bartelloni, co-founder and head stoke master of The SUP Veterans enjoys a tasty left in Punta Mita, Mexico. Photo by: Alam Garcia/GenRation

The SUP Vets offers Community, Camaraderie, Surfing & Wellness.

The SUP Veterans retreat, founded in 2019, is a non-profit launched by James “Bart” Bartelloni, “Top Gun” Naval Aviator, Wesley “Wes” Spence, former Navy SEAL with three tours in Afghanistan and Richard “Whit” Wittington, Army Infantry Officer with two tours in Iraq. Their mission:  To bring together groups of United States active duty or retired military members for a one-of-a-kind experience to learn how SUP Surf.

For participants, all expenses are paid by The SUP Vets.

Laughter, communal meals and the healing benefits of the ocean plus coming together to learn a shared goal – in this case learning how to paddle surf – is at the heart of The SUP Vets program. Powered by the professional coaching staff with a deep retreat background at GenRation Xperiences (formerly SUPnSurf Retreats), SUP Vets offers an all expense paid week in the luxury-style setting at the Grand Palladium Resorts in Punta Mita, Mexico.

the sup veterans punta mita mexico genrationThe SUP Veterans retreat powered by GenRation Xperiences brings veterans together in new and meaningful ways to celebrate the healing benefits of the ocean & learn how to SUP Surf. Photo by: Alam Garcia/GenRation

The SUP Vets & GenRation Xperiences present:

*Five days of multiple surf sessions,
*Individualized paddle stroke instruction,
*Daily personal video analysis with critique by elite SUP Surfing coaches
*All inclusive resort


Top tier coaching from GenRation’s professional surf instrutors,
Sean Poynter,
Daniel Hughes,
Felipe Hernandez and
Ian “Kanga” Cairns

Jealous?  Anyone can join in GenRation Xperiences Open Surf & Wellness Retreats!
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The SUP Veterans GenRation Punta Mita MexicoTop performance level gear supplied by GenRation’s newly released lineup of surf SUPs designed by World Champion Sean Poynter and legendary shaper Bert Berger with Sunova Surfboards. Photo by: Alam Garcia/GenRation

When returning home, many veterans speak of an inability to develop the deep bonds experienced among their comrades while on deployment and/or in training. The SUP Vets program actively seeks to reinvigorate veterans by immersing them in the culture of their peers, to share stories and a new experience, bond them together through learning and mastering a new skill, and experience daily immersion into the healing benefits of Mother Ocean.

The SUP Veterans Genration Punta Mita MexicoGathering the tribe to tell tales, recall hi jinx, and reconnect to their community is an important part of The SUP Vets experience. Photo by: Alam Garcia/GenRation

How You Can Help:  The SUP Vets

The brain child of SUP Vets is born out of a desire to give back to veterans who have offered their service through their military careers.  It affords an opportunity for these men & women to reconnect with their peers.  It is the ‘service after service’ that so many are seeking.

You can help. These retreats are driven by the generosity and donations of people like you and me.  You can say ‘Thank you for your service’ and help a Naval Aviator get their wings … on a SUP surfboard 😉  Please see the information below:

To learn more about The SUP Veterans:
Instagram:  @thesupvets

DONATE via PayPal:

GenRation (GR)
Instagram:  @genrationco

Read about Standup Journal’s first hand account of attending The SUP Vets retreat as detailed in the upcoming Spring 2020 issue due on newsstands in March.  In rich color & full detail, you’ll get a glimpse of the mission these men & women are on to bring wellness and community (and all the waves humanly surfable) to our military veterans.

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