The snowboard production company Brown Cinema just dropped a nice surprise in the form of an unreleased Keegan Valaika video part on their YouTube channel. Keegan is one of the OG parts of Brown. This part has some new and recycled footage from their 2019 video “Brown” pieced together nicely by Brock “Butters” Nielsen. 

Watch Keegan Valaika’s full unreleased part here.

During the fateful year of 2016, Brown Cinema was created from a genuine need for a group of snowboarders to create something that did not exist and was deemed necessary between them: an independent group snowboard project made up of real friends who genuinely wanted to snowboard together. Keegan Valaika, Scott Blum, Harrison Gordon, and Brock ‘Butters’ Nielsen then birthed Brown Cinema. These genuine friends traveled the world together, voyaging to Japan four times in only two years. The crew went through a lot together. They made friends, partied, laughed, cried, hated each other at times, and of course, snowboarded. With Brown Cinema, these guys truly created what they had envisioned, and the best part: no limitations and no one telling them what to do. And after a five year hiatus, Brown was resurrected with a new crew. Well, some new and some OG riders. Butters still made the video, and it was a hit, winning Slush Magazine’s Long Video of The Year Award and Torment Magazine’s Full Length Video of the Year. That video was called “Knights of the Brown Table” featuring Blake Paul, Parker Szumowski, Gabe Ferguson, Nik Baden, Cale Zima, Brandon Cocard, Jared Elston, and more incredible snowboarders.

You can watch Brown Cinema’s full length video Knights of the Brown Table right here.

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