2020/2021 Gear Preview: Never Summer Snowboards

While the rest of this season is in limbo, or more realistically all but over, we thought we would drop some of the products that will be out next year for your enjoyment. So… enjoy! Remember to wash your hands before and after reading this, practice social distancing by sending this to a friend that is far away, and STAY THE HELL ON YOUR COUCH UNTIL OUR NEXT POST.

Swift Base

Photo Credit: Mark Clavin

The swift part of the Swift.


Words from Never Summer: “The Swift was the inspiration for, and the Godfather of, the Shaper Series. Originally we set out to make the greatest powder board of all time. We checked that box, but it turns out we actually made a board that was incredible everywhere. The Swift features the greatest amount of taper in the Shaper Series, with awesome everywhere performance…in or out of POW. Take the Swift anywhere you want to go. It’s the powder board you’ll choose to ride in all conditions.”

Never Summer Line

Photo Credit: Mark Clavin

Follow the birds for the West Bound top sheet.

The West Bound

Words from Never Summer: “The West Bound, the best board in town. The greatest profile in snowboarding snuck its way out of the Shaper Series and on to the best. The West Bound features a boss shape, a pinch of taper, and the Recluse Web Carbon Layup. We now float better, carve better, maneuver better, we are better. POP?!? Like an exploding hot air balloon. Find your home on the West. Go West Bound my friend.”

WEB NeverSummer27

Photo Credit: Mark Clavin

The Men’s Heritage, front and center.

The Heritage

Words from Never Summer: “The Heritage is our longest standing tradition. The Heritage has proven to be one of our greatest all mountain boards ever created. Proudly sporting our Original Rocker Camber profile and an unapologetic nod to Never Summer’s history. The Heritage is back for another year in all of its original glory.”

Never Summer

Photo Credit: Mark Clavin

The Proto Ultra, Synthesis, and Slinger (L to R).

The Men’s Proto Synthesis

Words from Never Summer: “In primitive snowboards, camber became the nucleus of snowboarding. Positive and neutral energy was stored in the camber and negative energy hung around the core. An explosion of positive energy needed to be created to further snowboard performance. The NS snowboard scientists broke apart the nucleus and created a Shock Wave of energy. We introduce to you the most massive store of positive energy ever created…the Proto Synthesis.”

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