2020/2021 Gear Preview: Slash Snowboards

Hopefully you are staying safe wherever you are… and hopefully these product posts give you something to look forward to when all the craziness going on in the world calms down.

A straight

Photo Credit: Chris Wellhausen

A closer look at The ATV (left), The Straight (straight ahead) and the Split (to the right).


150, 154, 156, 156w, 158, 158w
Slash’s founding father board grunts into action with solid ollies and powerful carbvability. The ATV is a lightweight, reactive and mighty directional twin that delivers a tough, lightweight and attuned feel. It’s deep sidecut allows for swift slashes and a subtle traction bump bites through rough snow. This board is tried, trusted and loved by the team.

The Straight

151, 157, 161
Returning for its second year and now produced at our new facility in Poland, the street is packed full of features to tackle the deep stuff. You’ll steer this puppy from the rear with its setback stance down the business end, the tail is mild swallowtail shape and slight rocker means The Straight naturally sinks for an easier more balanced riding position. Take this thing from powder to corduroy for some serious turns and you’ll be just as stoked on the side hits too.

The Straight Split

151, 158, 162
From bottom to top as two, and top to bottom as one. Slash’s touring boards propel human powered adventures without fail based on the new award-winning straight model tweaked for touring.

Kids board

Photo Credit: Chris Wellhausen

Make a little Splash with the Slash kid’s offering.


Our youth are the seeds of all snowboarding and turning is the root of their riding” WIth a soft and simple flex the Splash helps initiate easy arcs and encourages proper foot control.

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