Last month, when Tahitian locals were free to enter the ocean after COVID-19 lockdown orders were lifted, a swell (in timely fashion) bombarded the End of the Road. Many epic waves were had throughout the course of the swell, but perhaps the most memorable was a particularly meaty one paddled into by a fearless 14-year-old local by the name of Gilbert Teave, who threw himself over the ledge of a below-sea-level bomb and claimed the top spot in this month’s countdown of “Clips of the Month”. After Teave’s performance, May saw a hodgepodge of wave-riding feats from around the globe: Griffin Colapinto and Wade Goodall scoring the South Pacific pre-COVID, Italo Ferreira and Gabriel Medina taking to the sky in their Brazilian backyards, Nate Florence and Barron Mamiya rushing late-season Pipeline, and more. A lot happened last month. The best of the best is curated above.

Click play to watch the Top-10 countdown, and then scroll below to revisit each single clip in their entirety.

1) Gilbert Teave

2) Griffin Colapinto

3) Italo Ferreira

4) Gabriel Medina

5) Wade Goodall (30:00)

6) Alex Gray (1:00)

7) Matahi Drollet

8) Nathan Florence (3:06)

9) Barron Mamiya (0:35)

10) Wilem Banks (8:29)

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