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Scott McCurdy grew up in New England, his love for snowboarding bred on a relentless winter diet of cold temps and icy turns. He attended the infamous snowboarding bastion of higher learning, Plymouth State while spending time at Loon Mountain before moving to Southern California, where he now lives. Scott’s illustrations are as intricate as they are free-spirited. Surfing and palm tree-lined beaches are consistent themes, though often the natural elements are personified or have hidden dualities. Tropical-shirted vibes are instilled with a strong dose of beers and skeletons, creating an aesthetic that is wholly Scut. While much of Scott’s illustrations are rooted in a boldly colored, cartoon style and often imbued with humor, the East Coast native also draws stunning portraits. Above all, his attention to detail present is in every sketch, every painting, every illustration, each image he brews part of an ever-expansive world of his creation. Recently, he’s been releasing coloring pages and characters that can be expanded upon via his Instagram, @scutillustration, so you can be a part of what he’s making while staying at home. – Mary Walsh

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Instagram: @scutillustration

Where do you live: Redondo Beach, CA

Home mountain: Loon Mountain, NH

Preferred medium(s): Felt tip pens, acrylic paints, digital color

One tool of your craft that you cannot do without: Sketchbook

Favorite subject matter (in general and/or currently): I like to jump around between many subjects. Beaches, boards, bones, characters, drinks, comedy, movies. Color palette, line work, and personality are the tools that allow me to give these subjects life.

All-time favorite snowboard graphic: 158 Burton UnInc from 2007. Definitely only wanted this board for the graphic. I would check it out at the shop over and over, never once looking at the specs, haha.

Burton Uninc Snowboard

Photo Credit: 2007 Burton Uninc

Do you listen to music or anything when you make art? If so, what: I jump between a few very different Pandora stations: 70’s rock, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Nas. I also like to lap the Tiny Desk Concerts (NPR Music), Mac Miller’s in particular. Having a movie playing while working (new or nostalgic) also helps me feel comfortable and contributes to my thought process.

Advice on how to get over a creative block: Looking through some of your old work can spark ideas. A certain color combination, or a particular way you used marks/lines can get the gears turning. Watching process videos of other artists can help with motivation and excitement to put pen to paper. Also, stepping away from whatever you’re working on, and returning to it. Go snowboard, skateboard, run, walk, cook, etc. Something to take your mind off the project before forcing the artwork. Hopefully returning to it, refreshed.

Artists that influence/inspire your work: Rob Kaz is an influence of mine from years ago. He’s a fine artist for Disney and I’ve always admired his ability to create narrative through light source and character personality. Lucas Beaufort is another influence of mine. His involvement and contribution to the art community continues to grow, and it seems he’s always brainstorming for what is to come next.

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Any cool collabs, work, galleries, projects, etc. that you’ve done (or that you’re working on currently) that you’d like to share: A couple collabs in the works, more details soon! I’ve been involved with the Milkshake events at the Mayfair Hotel Downtown LA. They have a very cool mission and their events are super fun! Customizing shoes has been a new and exciting venture; I hope to continue expanding in that world. Keeping all options open!

Where can people purchase your art: I have been sending out prints myself, and taking on commissions as I can. Anyone can feel free to direct message me on Instagram or email me at!

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