Just before the European leg of the Championship Tour kicked off last September, Joan Duru broke his collarbone while freesurfing in France. But, needing a couple of good results to stay on the ‘CT (and knowing the injury wildcard had already been locked up by either Mikey Wright or Leo Fioravanti), Duru surfed through the injury and pain, winning one heat in each of the last three events of the year. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite enough, and Duru fell off the tour after Pipe.

Back home in France, after allowing his broken bone time to property heal, Duru scored the ultimate consolation prize: Back-to-back weeks of absolutely pumping sand bottom pits. The backside elevator drop to firehouse spit combo at 2:53 above is one of the most impressive beach break barrels we’ve seen in a while, and there’s more where it came from inside. Click play to watch Duru absolutely score prior to his home country going on Coronavirus lockdown.

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