Chuuch “Cloutcam”—Official 2020 Tour Video

Like it or not, in this brave new world internet fame is often the name of the game. The makers of Home Invasion and The Passion of the Chuuch return in pursuit of the clout with a cut shot on a road trip to Salt Lake City earlier this year.

Featuring Corey Caswell, Jason Cardarella, Griffin Frigaard, Will Bickerstaff, Jordan Phinney, Kai Polendey, Mike Janes, Ryan Ting, Nora Beck, Unkle Andy, Mark Pairitz, Pat Fava, Alex Lockwood, Ryan Flaska, Jeff Hopkins, Makalu Arnold, Ozzy Henning, Alexa McCarthy, Ylfa Runarsdottir, Tristin Heiner, TJ Homan, Keith Skyta, James Wilson, Sam Wittke, Treyson Allen, Stefan Salisbury, Dillon Boeshans, Carson Freeman, Tucker Brown, Joey Fava, Scott Rutherford, Jim Stork and Brad Munk.

Filmed and edited by Leif Draznin-French

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