Welcome to the latest installment of “AMA From More Than 6-Feet Away”, SURFER’s interview series wherein the world’s best surfers answer questions submitted by fans via social media in an effort to keep our little surf community well-connected in this time of social distancing. In this new episode, the one and only Dane Reynolds answers your questions while sheltering-at-home with three young kids — a balancing act that many parents out there can probably relate to on some level in these trying WFH times. Over the sound of his children fighting and/or bouncing on his lap, Dane discusses everything from wave pools to surfing channel bottoms, what he disliked about being on Tour, his new Chapter 11 blog and more.

Click play to hear one of the best ever talk about everything under the sun, and if you missed Dane’s official return to the blogosphere, check out his first post here.

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