Shout out to everyone that is so keen on skateboarding. The experience one can ever have with skateboarding is so special that he may never forget. How exciting it is to see all the views, the flow of people passing by in a new perspective. Skateboarding somewhat changes you forever. You, the passionate skateboarding lover, falls in love with the longboard and Ehlers longboard has always been on top of your mind. Here, we will provide you with the top reasons why it became one of the best longboard brands.

Ehlers Longboard – A Long History

A long historyAnyone who is into skateboarding must have come across Ehlers longboards once or twice when they look for their longboard supplier. The brand is created by Ryan Ehlers, a nice and passionate man who has been skateboarding for more than two decades. The founder of Ehlers initially started his career as a devoted fan of skateboarding. He created the very first longboards in his garage in Huntington Beach, California. After that, with the great passion, he also realized the potentialities of the industry.

So, he decided to nurture his idea about a company producing high quality longboards, driving it to the top of the industry. Ever since, Ehlers longboard has gained popularity among longboard skaters and excelled at new heights in the industry.

Large Variety of Longboards

Large variety of longboardsWhether you are new or experienced with skateboarding, Ehlers longboard still remains the best option when it comes to choosing your skateboards. Its reputation does partly boil down to its wide range of longboards on offer for customers. Also, all the products from Ehlers can be customized.

A close look at the category available on its website, customers might be swept off their feet right away as there are so many options to choose from. Your ideal longboard can be created based on your riding style and your favorite longboard shapes. The riding style varies from mini cruiser to drop throughs. Even when you are newbie, you can still find your beginner longboard. Do not worry if you did not find your own longboard elsewhere. Pay a visit to Ehlers and get immersed in its diverse options.

As for the shape, Ehlers provides you with a wide range that includes fishtail, kicktail and the list goes on. And yes, you can also choose your favorite longboards with the color you want. There are a dozen of colors so you can easily pick one out.

Good Quality

Good qualityApart from the diversity in longboard types, Ehlers longboards are famous for its high quality of products. The brand claims to have all the skateboards and longboards made in USA and created with 100% devotion and care. This is absolutely not an exaggeration at all. The longboard decks are mainly created from bamboo and top mount dark walnut. Therefore, it stands to reason why Ehlers longboards are the first choice for many skateboarding lovers.

Most skateboard users are satisfied with the products from Ehlers longboard. Surfing on the Internet, it is not hard to figure out tons of excellent reviews on the product quality. There are people who have been using their Ehlers boards for years and they are still in good condition. Such praising words for the longboards from this brand are so popular on the Internet as well as in the local.

Adorable Price

Adorable priceOne more thing that adds up to the popularity of Ehlers longboards is its price. For many customers, they are way so surprised as the average price of Ehlers is much lower than other brands’. So, while the quality is undeniably excellent, the price stays within the reach for most people.

Ehlers longboards cater a wide range of products at different prices. In the category, the prices range from around $65 to more than $100. The $65 longboard is the basic product, suitable for beginners with minimal design. Meanwhile, longboards priced at more than $100 are top options for those who possess advanced skateboarding skills. Plus, they have extraordinary customized designs that will attract anyone who passes by. One more thing, the price also goes hand in hand with the quality of the products. Most $65 priced skateboards have their decks made from bamboo while the $100 priced have their decks made from top mount dark walnut.

Shipping and Return Policy

Shipping and return policyYou can easily choose your favorite longboards online. Then, simply fill in the online order form, answering all the necessary information inquiries. After that, Ehlers will ship the products to your doors in a few days. Also, you can still come over and test the boards at the warehouse located in Huntington Beach, California.

On cancellation, you can inform them as soon as possible to get your full refunds within the first 24 hours.

Return policy only applies to cases when customers find there are flaws in the unused products. Their products have a full warranty within the first week after arrival. So, by mailing or calling the Ehlers, you can have a full refund.


All in all, it is undeniable that Ehlers longboards are a wise choice for those who are passionate about skateboarding. With all the reasons mentioned above, Ehlers longboardings deserves its nomination for one of the best longboarding suppliers in the U.S.

We hope that with such information provided, you can have a closer look into skateboardings and one of the best brands in the industry – Ehlers longboards.

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