During what seems to be an appropriate time to take a break from all things COVID-19 and beach closures-related, John John Florence and friends have offered up the latest installments of “Vela”, in which the crew makes as good a case as any we’ve seen for giving mother nature a break from our relentlessness.

If you recall, after undergoing surgery to repair a bum knee, John John set sail from Oahu on a voyage to explore a handful of surrounding islands. The resulting web series should be added to your quarantine watchlist immediately. 

Episode three (above) finds the crew on the isolated island of Palymera, where they quarter with a group of conservationists studying the rate at which a natural habitat can bounce back from human-caused degradation. Fairly quickly, as it turns out. Then they’re off to explore a couple of playful reefs off the coasts of Washington Island and Fanning Island for episode four (below). Will these reef studies enhance JJF’s  understanding of bathymetry, resulting in inflated abilities atop a surfboard, etcetera? Who cares?

The final installments of “Vela” are visually pleasing, educational and certainly provide a much-needed respite from the chaos of life right now, as well as the toxic arguments of the present moment. Click play above and below to sail on with JJF. 

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