This strange time of social distancing that we live in is far from ideal. For those of us in areas under strict stay-at-home orders, we miss high fives in the parking lot while checking the surf, we miss paddling out with a few friends, we miss interacting with our community in the actual, physical world. But luckily we also live in a time when there’s no shortage of other ways to stay connected, to check in on friends and family, to make sure they’re staying safe and healthy and not buying into conspiracy theories about mind-controlling 5G bats forcing people to buy toilet paper.

Yes, it is important to stay connected. And in the interest of making our little surf community feel more connected in this strange time, we’re kicking off an Ask-Me-Anything interview series from a CDC-approved distance, where you get to ask surf stars whatever’s on your mind. For the first episode, John John Florence was gracious enough to answer your questions on everything from sailing to Tahiti to his all-time-favorite Pipe surfer to why he never texts Albee Layer back.

Huge thanks to everyone who sent in questions on Instagram, and feel free to let us know in the comments below who you’d like to hear from next.

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