Nick Melanson has “a nice dance going on,” artist and surf auteur Thomas Campbell told us for a recent profile on the up-and-coming Southern California log lord. Indeed, Melanson’s got moves, blending noseriding prowess and timeless style with lively railwork and fins-first antics atop classic logs, as well as a similar competence on a range of alternative crafts, all of which he shapes himself. 

So what’s the rhythm driving the 21-year old’s distinctive bop? Filmmaker Andrea Coleman recently caught up with Melanson, who is one of several electric young logging phenoms honing their chops on playful wavefields off San Onofre State Beach. 

In the short film, the rangy goofy footer raps on his shaping hero(es), inspirations and current go-to sled — a 9’2” nod to the Involvement Era. 

Click play to watch Melanson answer questions and cut a rug in North San Diego County.

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