Sky Brown ollie

Skateboarder Sky Brown at the Zumiez 100k party this year – File photo courtesy of Zumiez


We have talked to a few retailers that have robust online businesses and there is one bright spot in this whole mess: skateboard sales are seeing a big bump.

Before the crisis hit, skateboard sales have seen big increases both at big accounts like Zumiez and also for core boardsport retailers.

That strength appears to be growing during the crisis for some retailers – at least those that are still able to operate given all the coronavirus restrictions.

The retailers we spoke to don’t want to be named because they don’t want to sound insensitive at a time when so many are hurting. But because skateboarding is a solitary activity that you can do outside, and kids are probably getting tired of playing video games all the time, shoppers seem to be snapping up boards.

So if your store is closed but you have an e-commerce business, or if you are trying to sell product via Instagram stories, you may want to market the skate side of things as much as possible.

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