With beaches closed and unridden waves crashing on nearly every coastline around the world, there’s not much to do but stay safe and try to stay sane. As the rest of quarantined humanity eyes its stockpiles of canned beans and toilet paper, professional surfers may see the need to ration any surf clips they may have stacked in the months and weeks before the lockdown. On behalf of all the surf-starved average Joes and Janes, we implore you: Don’t do it!

If we’re to stay sane we’ll need at least as heavy a dose of quality surf clips (filmed before the stay-at-home orders, of course) as made it into March’s “Clips of The Month” montage each and every month until this open-ended pandemic subsides.

We’ll need more clips of hellbent charging like Imogen Caldwell tucking into a West Oz cavern and Grant “Twiggy” Baker’s throwing himself at a Basque Country bomb. More big punts and wild rotes like the ones provided by Griffin Colapinto, Nick Marshall and Cam Richards. If we’re lucky someone, somewhere is already sitting on something as wild as Mick Fanning and Mikey Wright’s near-collision at Snapper. And luckier still if someone has managed to stack several COTMs into one wave in the way Torren Martyn did while in Morocco. 

While our surf stars and lens-people dig through their archives, click play to watch our March’s “Clips of The Month”.

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