Is there any doubt Torren Martyn’s been on a tear, of late? From threading below-sea-level Mexican tubes in Perry Gershkow’s “Tesoro Enterrado” to putting on perhaps the best performance on a South African point since Tom Curren in Ishka Folkwell’s “Thank You Mother”, Martyn–atop his idiosyncratic elongated twin-fins–has already redefined what works in good waves. And the Torren-aissance continues, as Martyn recently took his Simon Jones-shaped sled to the earth’s fringes.

Indeed, “Northern Reaches” may show Martyn at his most committed, snowshoeing through a blizzard, twin-fin strapped to his back. While the setting is different–and pretty unreal–the focal point remains Martyn’s perfect lines and efficacy in navigating shifty tunnels. 

Click play to watch Martyn take his twin-fin, and timeless style, north.

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