Social distancing in the surf in Southern California is a tough ask. Too many people. Too little space. Good luck getting people to stay 6-feet apart at Lower Trestles.

In Western Australia, however, social distancing is an easier endeavor. Especially in Southwest OZ, with its miles of empty coastline. For photographer Kim Feast, and locals like Jack Robinson, Jay Davies and Co., their backyard happens to be the ideal place to be while on lockdown. “At the start of this [COVID-19] there was a lot of fear and anxiety,” says Feast, who shot the 10-photos below during a recent run of swell. “Plus, everyone trying to wrap their heads around social distancing and staying home when the waves are all pumping and no one is working was a bit of a challenge. But, the ocean is a special place for so many here, and with the lack of population density, the government decided to allow us to continue to use the ocean for health and exercise.”

When asked about the vibe around the virus in his hometown, Feast continues. “Most residents have taken it on themselves to self-isolate and treat the situation really seriously, so there aren’t many cases here — particularly in the southwest where we are even more isolated. We’re lucky there’s lots of open space and surf here, as this is the best time of year for waves.”

All photos and captions by Kim Feast

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