“This week’s YODferd file is with Max Schaaf, Noraa, and Andrew Castro in a little vert jammer sesh. Making Ye Olde Destruction gave me the opportunity to film and get to spend some real quality time with some old friends like Max, McCrank, Ray Barbee, Barker, Jason Adams, Elissa, Parts, Isreal F., Suski, ect… I think I met Max Schaaf one day at a session Jim Thiebaud’s ramp in Oakland around 1998. I filmed a few moves of Max on 16mm that made their way into a short film I did with Tommy Guerrero called Ear Eye Data Poop. This vert session didn’t fit into the vibe of the final DIY centric edit of Ye Olde Destruction, but in some ways, it has a similar loose fun feel to that original session we filmed those 22 years ago. I always loved Max’s approach on the stunt wood. He was raised in a caldron of intense influence and fared well coming out the other side. His style eventuated into his craftiness in the two wheeled motorized bike zone and finally into his more recent water sliding exploits. All done with a concerted effort, skill and addition to detail. Max was stoked for me to meet Noraa and Andrew who he skates with at the UC Berkley ramp. Seems like they have a cool, fun vibe goin’ there. Thanks Max for all your help with YOD. It was really a pleasure.”—Thomas Campbell

Watch the entire film here.

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