Slater Thompson is a 16 year old passionate bodyboarder, from Huntington Beach. Check out the waves he scores and big moves he pulls on his Instagram @slater_thompson! Slater hopes to make it to the top in bodyboarding someday. Here’s what he had to say.

SJ: Slater! Tell us about your favourite waves.

ST: My favourite wave is definitely the River Jetties in my home town. It has always been my local. From the time that I was just a little grommet, I have so many fond memories of scoring epic sessions out there with friends and family. We surf there almost everyday.

I also froth over Restaurants in Fiji. It is a very special wave to me. I recently went to Tavarua with Jeff Hubbard and Jay Reale and it was the most amazing surf trip of my life. The barrel just keeps going and going over the shallow coral. Getting triple barrels is not uncommon!

SJ: You hang out with Jeff Hubbard a fair bit. Would you say he is your favourite rider?

ST: Without a doubt! His style in the water never ceases to impress me. I learn a lot from just studying the way he surfs. 

SJ: Out of all the bodyboarding you do, what has been your best experience so far?

ST: My best bodyboarding experience has definitely been the Tavi Tube Tour. Jay Reale at Ebodyboarding put together a surf trip to Fiji with Jeff Hubbard. The waves were epic! It was consistently 8-10ft with an occasional 12ft bomb. We surfed at Cloudbreak most days of the trip. But on the third day, I sprained my neck on a big wave at Cloudbreak. I had one lay day and couldn’t resist – I was back out there sooner than I should have been! We also scored Restaurants with a perfect 4-6ft day. 

Surfing and hanging out with Jeff, Jay and the rest of the crew made the trip even better. It’s been a few months but I’m still feeling the stoke. 

SJ: Sounds like you are familiar with travelling, where else have you been?

ST: Haha definitely! I go on surf trips about three times a year with friends and family. In the past three years I have visited Mexico, El Salvador, Fiji (twice) and Costa Rica (twice). All in search for waves. But even when we miss the swell or the waves just aren’t that good, it’s still fun just to get off our butts and step outside our comfort zone. That’s what surfing is all about for me, breaking limits and exploring the many waves on offer.

SJ: When the surf is no good, what do you do instead?

ST: Ultimately I love anything to do with the water. I love surfing, innertube surfing, fishing and stand up paddle boarding. I even go fishing off of a stand up paddle board! Haha! I’m also a huge adrenaline junky so I love any high energy sport. 

SJ: It’s clear you are passionate about bodyboarding. What are your future plans?

ST: I want to do what Jeff Hubbard and Jay Reale have done. Become a professional and then start my own bodyboard company. I paddle out and train everyday in order to make myself into the best rider I can be. I devote my time and energy to make a career out of it. I also love business and sales. I even occasionally help as a sales rep with sponsors. 

SJ: How has bodyboarding changed your life?

ST: Anytime I have a problem of some sort, I just go for a surf. I have so much fun out there and it clears my mind. I picked up a bodyboard for the first time when I was twelve and took off with it. Now it has become a necessary part of my life. It’s all about getting out of that comfort zone, breaking limits and most importantly, making good times doing it. 

SJ: Lastly, any shout outs? 

ST: A huge thankyou to my sponsors Hubboards and Ebodyboarding. I ride Hubb because they make the best gear that will out perform and outlast every other brand out there. Also Ebodyboarding is the best place to get ahold of legendary gear! They’re a family owned bodyboarding super store and have everything you need to get the stoke flowing, for the best price. Huge mahalo to these guys! Yew!

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