Each year as summer turns into fall, we can rest assured that our favorite companies will release a selection of snowboards designed to enhance our experience on hill. At this point, with the abundance or shapes, lengths, camber profiles, edge and sidecut variations, core designs, and more sustainable materials at an all-time high, it’s possible to get precisely the board you are looking for, whether you’re interested in towrope park laps, early morning pow runs, holding an edge on hardpack, or all of the above and then some. From true twins designed for the jib line to big-nosed powder guns ready to drop in post-storm, to shore and wide decks that are designed for a bit of it all, the hardest decision may be whether you want to add to your selection of situation-specific boards or if a quiver killer is in the cards for your season—maybe the answer is both. To help get you started in your search of what board to add to your stash this winter, here are fourteen of our favorites that run the gamut in size, shape, and style. – Mary T. Walsh

Feature Highlights:

• Asymmetrical Shape and Flex
• Asymmetrical MidBite
• Camrock 2-4-2
• Uninc History-Based Graphic

Sizes: 151, 154, 156, 159
MSRP: $549.95
Website: www.yesnowboard.com

Upper Decks YES. Greats Uninc

Photo Credit: Mark Clavin

YES. says:

This board is an asymmetrical twin, updated for 2021 with Asymmetrical MidBite technology. This allows for amazing turning and carving capacity. It is wider under your feet, but narrower between your feet, which allows the rider to have bigger feet and stomp big tricks better, without compromising the way the board turns and responds.

Upper Decks YES. Greats Uninc

Photo Credit: Nirvana Ortanez


Taking cues from the iconic UnInc series that YES. founder David Carrier-Porcheron helped to make infamous in the aughts, the YES. Greats Uninc infuses its namesake’s unruly aesthetic into a high-performance deck designed to destroy the entire mountain. The Greats Uninc’s penchant for high-speed maneuverability starts with its asymmetrical twin shape and asym flex profile. New for 2021, this favorite board in the YES. lineup has been updated with Asymmetrical MidBite technology, which means the board is wider underfoot and narrower between the bindings, with a deeper sidecut on the heel edge for increased edge hold, smooth carving, and stability on landings. The Greats Uninc infuses a freestyle sensibility into an agile, all-mountain ride due to the response and snap of the Camrock 2-4-2 camber profile, which is traditional between the feet and reverse on the nose and tail. A core made of a combination of poplar and paulownia with two bamboo stringers that run lengthwise is light and further increases pop. And finally, in homage to the original Uninc, the board’s art showcases the ethos and iconic graphics of the movement, highlighting DCP’s continued contributions to snowboarding.

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