I stumbled upon eight-year-old skater @shimba_sk8_ on Instagram and to say I’m impressed is the understatement of the year. At such a young age, he skates like a seasoned vet, fearlessly stepping to everything from big sets and gaps to handrails that are taller than him.

This clip is impressive for many reasons, beyond the trick itself. The perseverance this eight-year-old possesses is just as admirable as his skill on the board. Try after try, slam after slam, he gets back up and keeps going.

“Man I got no excuses,” said one commenter. “This little one didn’t give up, he gave it his all,” said another. Both statements are true and really make you feel something similar. It’s always inspiring to see kids this young do anything this impressive — whether skateboarding or not. But anyone who skates can certainly respect and admire a video like this.

More so, the feeling of putting forth all your effort for a trick and finally succeeding is a major part of why we all keeping playing on these four-wheeled planks!

In the few short years Shimba has been alive, something obviously clicked and his comfort and confidence on the board is not something to overlook. Skateboarding continues to progress all over the world. It’s only natural. And whether you’re eight or 80, the feeling of stoke will forever be mutual.

Video / @shimba_sk8_

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