At only 23-years-old years old, Moana Jones Wong has bagged enough massive tubes at Pipe to earn herself a spot in the surf history books. Her latest tube ride–a massive cavern she nonchalantly pulled into and got spit out of on Friday at the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout–just went viral all over the internet. Many who were there that day are calling it the wave of the day. And when you hit play above to watch it for yourself, it’ll likely make the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

“The vision I had while I was in this barrel was the most insane thing my eyes have ever seen,” wrote Jones-Wong in a post on Instagram. “The entire ride I was like “HOW THE F@ck ARE U EVEN ON THIS WAVE”…BEST WAVE OF MY LIFE !!!!! I am in disbelief. I sat out at pipe twice today shitting my pants. I didn’t think I was going to even catch a wave. Pipeline sent this wave straight to me. Thank you Pipeline, thank you God for this and @kala___grace for telling me GO!!!! This one’s for you uncle D💜 I remember you told me years ago I was gonna catch a wave like this and I didn’t believe you but today was that day and I can’t believe this.”

Friends, family and friends were in awe of Jones-Wong’s ride. “INCREDIBLE SO STOKED FOR YOU!!!! Cheeeeehoooo!!!! I knew you’d get a super bomb at some point!!!,” commented superstar tube fiend Bethany Hamilton. Aussie charger Laura Enever added: “This one will go down in history forever! Absolutely incredible & inspiring Moana. This was YOUR wave!!!”

Hit play above to watch the young gun further cement herself as the Queen of Pipeline.

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