Churchill Manufacturing has been producing skateboards for famous skateboard brands for over 15 years. Churchill products are made from the best materials and equipment. Through many carefully selected stages, as well as many trials to improve product quality, Churchill longboard was created and satisfied even the most demanding customers.

Many people have expressed concerns about the price of Churchill longboard too cheap compared to other brands on the market. At such prices will Churchill longboard be as good as they expected? How does Churchill keep the longboard price so low?

If you have the same question, we will help you answer it.

So What is the Longboard?

So what is the longboardA longboard is a kind of skateboard suitable for long-distance skating. Longboard has a large size, can be up to 1.5m long. The wheels of the longboard may be bigger than the wheels of the Cruiser Board.

About the long-distance, there are not any other board that is better than a longboard. Even someone has travelled across Vietnam with just a longboard. Thus, we can see that the longboard’s durability is very incredible.

Not only that, but the longboard is also considered a trend to perform, not just to travel long distances. You can easily find unique, flexible, longboard dance videos posted on social media recently, most of them are girlfriends. Like the young girl from South Korea, Ko Hyojoo, she has more than 270,000 followers on Facebook, just by short clips of her extraordinary talent on a longboard board in the streets of Seoul.

While there is no exact standard length, longboards usually range from 33 inches (84 cm) to 59 inches (150 cm). Their width is between 9 inches (22.8 cm) and 10 inches (25.4 cm).

About Churchill Longboard – All Things You Should Know

About Churchill longboardChurchill manufacturing started producing skateboards in 1996. Starting with many difficulties because there is no experience in skateboard manufacturing, but Churchill has gradually learned and succeeded to become a leading skateboard manufacturer.

Nowadays, Churchill is a well-known manufacturing brand with quality, toughness, highly dynamic design, and extremely lightweight that make skis get outstanding performance.

Churchill longboard is manufactured directly by Churchill manufacturing, so they can control the price of raw materials and sell products at the lowest prices. When other famous brands use the product of Churchill longboard, the cost can be three times higher. Their products do not have the names of well-known brands or fancy pictures printed on the board, but in return are guaranteed quality and affordable price.

Churchill works with other manufacturers to create the best parts for their longboard. The wood for producing longboard is sourced from the best veneer factory in the world. Only after checking and ensuring that the wood is up to standard, then Churchill has just finished getting the complete skateboard. All small parts such as bearings, hardware, wheels and grip are thoroughly tested before being put into longboard production.

The lightweight creates agile and flexible movements. Churchill longboard is also made up of suitable bearings and cast bushings made of super durable material. The product does not need any clamps or any supportive tools and still maintains stable stability when sliding.

The textures on Churchill’s longboard are quite simple. Usually, the words printed with the name of Churchill’s company, with very simple and powerful colour combinations, showing the dynamism and personality of the user.

How to Use Churchill Longboard?

How to use Churchill longboardFirst, you have to learn to stand on the Churchill longboard properly. Place the board on flat ground and stand on top to learn how to set foot, and learn to keep your balance from falling. Place your feet horizontally on the skis.

Then, try to push it back and forth gently and place both feet on the board. Turn the front foot a bit to the front of the skis, instead of tilting as it initially. Use your other leg to push gently. Go slow first. You don’t want to have an accident just because you go so fast when you’re not ready.

Keep pushing the skateboard when you find yourself slowing down. Continue so, make light jumps, and rotate your feet on the skateboard to move until you slow down. Then turn your pivot foot horizontally, push the board forward with the other foot, and then turn the leg straight. The more you do this, the better you become at skateboarding.

Rotate ankles and change body focus to change direction. Once you know how to push and move, try changing your route a bit when moving by shifting the centre of your body. Skateboarding and keeping your knees flexible, sit down to lower the focus. Then lean forward slightly to turn right, and turn your ankle to turn the skateboard to the left.

Put your foot on the ground to stop. To stop, place your feet on the ground as you move slowly, and slow down the momentum of the skateboard. However, you should not set foot on the ground at high speed. Start by gliding your feet and gradually take stronger steps to the ground. Remember to put your foot on the skateboard to hold it, or it will keep going.


Are you satisfied with your Churchill longboard? If you still have something unsatisfied, contact Churchill, with considerate customer service, they will make you happy. Hopefully, through this article, you have got yourself a great longboard at an affordable price to start skateboarding.

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