Coleman slide is considered as one of the most basic and essential skills for those new to skateboarding. If you want to know more about skateboarding techniques as well as to learn the kickflip technique like a professional skater, then you must first master the Coleman slide skill.

Although Coleman slide is just a basic technique, it is challenging and complicated for beginners to learn skateboarding. Failure to follow the steps will cause serious injury to you.

Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with the necessary knowledge about the Coleman slide to help you conquer this skill.

It’s time to find out!

What is Coleman Slide?

What is Coleman SlideThose who are new to skateboarding, even though they own a favorite skateboard, they do not know how to use it. They also do not know how to effectively and safely stop when sliding.

Therefore, if you are a beginner to learn skateboarding, the first thing you need to do is learn how to skate from the most basic skills. In particular, it is the Coleman slide skill.

Coleman gliding is a commonly used gliding technique to stop quickly. Typically, when skateboarding, you have to dual wheels on the sidewalk or use your feet to stop. However, this technique is not needed.

The feature of this sliding technique is that you have to drag your planks so that the wheels can move freely and stop safely. Your hands will act as brakes to help you stop. Therefore, you need to wear a pair of gloves good enough to do this.

The essence of Coleman slide is a 180-degree heel slip whose sliding technique was due to the legendary Cliff Coleman developed in 1970. Since then, this sliding technique has been inherited and continuously grown, becoming one of the basic skills for skaters.

Coleman slide is considered one of the best and safe skis for novices to skateboard. If you learn this skid successfully, you will be able to learn any of the harder slides later.

How to Coleman Slide on a Longboard

To perform Coleman slide skills, you must follow a specific sequence. Here are the steps you need to take when practicing this slide.

Get Ready

Get ReadyThere are many dangers when you go downhill, so safety is the first factor when you learn this skating skill.

Therefore, you must equip yourself with a helmet to protect the head. Remember that this is very important, and you absolutely must not ignore it if you do not want to be in the hospital with severe injuries.

In addition to the helmet, you need to prepare a pair of slip gloves. As mentioned above, when performing this sliding skill, your hands will act as brakes. Hence, these gloves will allow you to lay your hands on the ground to stop without being injured when contacting the road surface.

Learn to Stand

To do this skill, make sure that you know how to stand on a skateboard properly. If you do not know, place the board on flat ground and stand on it to learn how to set foot and learn to keep your balance from falling.

Place your feet horizontally on the skis, and make sure that your feet are almost parallel to the section of the wheels. After that, push back and forth a few times to see how the wheels move and if the skateboard axis is swaying. Get acquainted and then you will feel more comfortable!


SetupBefore starting to slide, choose a location that is not too steep to be safe. For absolute safety, I recommend sliding on flat terrains such as on the road or parking lot.

After selecting the right terrain, start sliding at a moderate speed. To get started, step on one foot down the road and push about eight times. After the skateboard reaches a certain speed, place your feet on it, keeping your feet as wide as your shoulders.

You must maintain your balance, concentrate, bend your knees, and relax your body as much as possible.

Get Low

Before landing, you have to bend your knees and your body over. At this point, you should not shift your weight utterly backward as it will cause you to fall. Keeping your weight forward is the key to this skill’s success.


InitiateAfter crouching, calmly place your front hand on the road. Note to put your hand to the side of the wheel and in the middle between your feet.

Once your hand is in contact with the ground, stretch your body, and expand it in the direction of the movement of the board. Your gloves will create friction with the road surface and help you stop shortly after a few seconds.

Let It Slide

After placing your front hand on the road, free swing your other arm into the air. Cliff Coleman once said that if you swung that arm wider, the circle’s path would be more rounded, and it would make you stop safely and adequately.

If you swing your arms properly and effectively, your shoulders and upper body will be twisted to one side or back. At this time, keep your hands on the road, let your legs and hips move according to the board’s inertia.

When your wheels float freely on the road surface and stop, your board will float at an angle of 90 degrees. After the round is over, the game will stop completely.

When you do these repetitions a few times, you will become proficient and will know how to perform this skill, and your movements will become more beautiful.

Notes for You

Notes for you

  • All skateboarders often fall from the beginning. It is inevitable when you practice sliding skills. Therefore, you can wear additional protective clothing during skateboarding, and must also learn to fall properly to ensure safety. This will help you avoid serious injuries.
  • When extending your hand, try to relax. If you hold your hands rigid, you are more likely to have a severe wrist and ankle flexion if you use them to support your fall.
  • Roll out as soon as you fall. You may get a little scratch, but it will be less painful when you put your hands on the ground.
  • Jump out of the board if you feel something is wrong. Let’s jump off the board and land on your feet, or roll onto the grass, in case you are skating too fast and might not control your skateboard. Do not stand on the board when you have lost control.
  • If you feel you are not comfortable enough on the board to perform the Coleman skating technique, do not do it. Stay safe, and do it when you feel ready.

What Type of Longboard is Best for Sliding?

If you want to become a professional skateboarder and are looking to buy a good set of a longboard, please refer to the following products.

These products are all the best skis for you to practice Coleman slide skills, also show your other advanced skating techniques.

1. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard SkateboardThis 44-inch Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard is made from high-quality 8-layer Canadian maple wood. The lightweight makes the agile movement more flexible for skis.

This board is also made of ABEC-7 bearings with good cast lining made of super-strong black PU-90A. PU wheel wrapped with the stone layer is both beautiful and durable, creating impressive and amazing performances.

2. ENKEEO 40 Inches Drop-Through Longboard Skateboard

ENKEEO 40 inches Drop-Through Longboard SkateboardThis is a board made of ABEC-11 bearings capable of withstanding high rotation speeds to make your skating techniques smoother. The board has a width of 40 inches and is made of extremely durable 9-layer maple wood.

The wheels of the PU material are 70mm x 51mm in size, creating a stable balance when sliding down high slopes. With the beautifully designed and striking colors, ENKEEO 40 inches Longboard is the most sought after product on Fado.

3. Magneto 44 Inches Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Magneto 44 inches Kicktail Cruiser Longboard SkateboardThis 44 inches long Magneto Longboard is specially designed to fly and slide across any street surface. The sliding floor is made of bamboo, and the core is made of high-quality hardwood.

The wheels and bushings of the planks are 70mm in size made from high-quality Urethane SHR. In particular, the product does not need any clamps or any supportive tools but still maintains excellent stability when sliding.

4. Retrospec Tidal 41 Inches Drop-Down Longboard Skateboard

Retrospec Tidal 41 inches Drop-Down Longboard SkateboardRetrospec Tidal 41 inches Longboard is a long roller skating board made from high-class Canadian maple wood. The bearings of the board are made of good quality stainless steel ABEC-7 to increase bearing capacity and help the movement more accurate.

The low Tindal floor design aims to create a maximum balance of roller skates. Moreover, the wheels of the board are made from durable 70x51mm 85A PU material and high-bounce bushing, and you will be satisfied with this top-class skateboard set.

5. VOLADOR 42 Inches Freeride Complete Cruiser Longboard

VOLADOR 42 Inches Freeride Complete Cruiser Longboard42 Inch VOLADOR Longboard patin panels with flexible floor design and sufficient damping ability. The material of the board is hard-wearing and 8-layer natural Epoxy glue that is safe and environmentally friendly.

This set of genuine skateboards can also be adjusted to rotate the angle of 50 or 45 degrees virtuosity. Patin wheel is a 70x51mm 78A PU wheel with ABEC-9 preset bearings for the most precise and durable movements.

6. Koastal Drifter Complete 11 x 60 Longboard

Koastal Drifter Complete 11 x 60 LongboardKoastal Drifter Longboard skateboard is made in the USA, ensuring absolute safety quality. Its youthful design and modern colors attract the attention of many teenagers.

The long-line roller skates are also made from durable wood material with smooth-running wheels and bearings that add value to this street skateboard product.

7. Quest Super Cruiser REMIX Longboard

Quest Super Cruiser REMIX LongboardQuest Super Cruiser is one of the long-lasting roller skateboards made of good material with 7-layer bamboo flooring that is absolutely safe for players.

The wheels of the board are super durable 65x51mm 80A PU wheels. The balance support device is made of lightweight black aluminum, and the precision of ABEC-7 bearings gives you a superior roller skating experience.

8. Landyachtz Drop Hammer White Oak 2019 Longboard

Landyachtz Drop Hammer White Oak 2019 LongboardLandyachtz Drop Hammer is a longboard designed with a maximum size of 36.4 inches suitable for professional patin players.

With the most excellent high-quality wood material that works well thanks to the top-quality ABEC 7 bearing structure, you can feel rollerblading like flying on the street or any rough surface.

9. Hana Longboard Collection 42 Inches Skateboards

Hana Longboard Collection 42 inches SkateboardsThe Hana Longboard has a standard size of 42 inches with unique laser engraving graphics. This skateboard is very flexible thanks to the floor made of dyed bamboo material and the core made of high-class maple wood.

The board has a wheel size of 70mm front and back suitable for a reasonable balance when sliding across all surfaces.

10. WiiSHAM 42 Inches Longboard Skateboards

WiiSHAM 42 inches Longboard SkateboardsAnd finally, you can not miss the 42 inches WiiSHAM Longboard, which is made from 9 layers of high-quality maple wood. The size of the wheel is 70mm x 52mm with a sufficient stiffness of 83A, and the combination of ABEC 9 bearings increase the speed when skating.

The overall design of the skateboard’s exterior is quite beautiful, youthful, and impressive, so a lot of stylish patin players choose it.

Final Thoughts

Coleman slide is a fundamental and fascinating skill to perform. However, to do this skill expertly and beautifully, it requires a lot of practice. Hopefully, the above information will help you successfully implement this skill.

Finally, we hope that you will be able to become a professional skateboarder and to show off even more great skills in the future.

I wish you success, and thanks for reading this article!

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