Is Higher ABEC BetterAs mentioned previously, we have five classes that measure bearing precision: ABEC 1, ABEC 3, ABEC 5, ABEC 7, ABEC 9. Technically, higher ABEC shows higher accuracy, efficiency, and speed. However, is it necessarily better when you use the bearings with higher ABEC? In other words, how do you define “better”?

When using high precision bearings, you will see the wheels go smooth and operate at a higher speed than those of standard bearings. But remember, many factors impact the speed of the wheels: loading capability, terrain, and riding environment. If you only care about the speed of the wheels, the ABEC scale is not enough.

This is to emphasize that precise bearings don’t make the wheels go faster. They can only allow the machinery to operate at a higher speed than standard bearings can do. Some people think that the highest precision bearings offer extreme speed, but the truth is not. Every standard bearing has a limit speed, while higher ABEC only increases efficiency and accuracy.

What about ABEC 11 products? They are all marked with ABEC 9, which means they have the highest precision bearings. This allows the wheels to operate at top efficiency and speed capability. Meanwhile, the bearings are made to meet the highest standard of tolerance and show the best performance.

Is ABEC 11 an excellent product? Yes, it is. But is it better when you use ABEC 11 instead of ABEC 3 or ABEC 1 bearings skateboards? ABEC 11 is indeed a great product, but unless you are a professional skater, you shouldn’t go for it. Why? Because this series is most suitable for experts, professionals, or wealthy people.

Dimensional specifications are just the numbers, and they are only correct under certain conditions. Then, if you are not an expert, you will hardly feel the difference when riding the ABEC 11 bearings skateboard and the ABEC 3 one. More things can affect the quality of bearings, and they will also impact your experience more than the ABEC scale can do.

Therefore, regarding dimensional specifications, the larger ABEC scale offers better quality. But practically, you may ride on the ABEC 3 bearings skateboard and feel better than on the ABEC 11. So let’s make clear of your purpose before deciding which is better.

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