Griffin Colapinto, Seth Moniz and Ethan Ewing are the most exciting young surfers in the world today. And while they’ve been battling one another in Junior and ‘QS competition for the last 10 or so years, 2020 will be their first year on the ‘CT all together. A treat for us all.

This 16-minute short, the latest from San Clemente filmmaker Jacob Vanderwork, follows the trio through West Oz, Europe and Hawaii. What’s striking is how all three emulate their favorite surfers, but in unique ways. Andy Irons’ influence runs deep in Moniz. Colapinto’s surfing is a perfect mix of Parko and Taj. Ewing is a modern version of Mick Fanning. Being Billabong teammates, and coached by Rainos Hayes since they were little, all three have benefited greatly from surfing so much with one another. We can’t wait to see them elevate their game even further when they eventually match up on the ‘CT.

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