Filmed and edited by: Leandro Chocho.

Additional Filming: Jose Leon, Marcelo Gagliano.

Skaters: Hans Ulver, Guido Fazzinga, Julían Cugat, Alex Amor, Lucas Della Vedova, Fernando Garmendia, Adrián Villar, Michel Arribasplata, Xavi Zamora, Ezequiel Coronel, Daniel Suarez, Martin Gimenez, Jose Herrera, Cristian Delgado, Jose Leon, Natasha Prat, Nahuel Martinez, Javier Menéndez, Ulph Anderson, Thomas Pfeiffer, Alejandro Chazarreta, Marcelo Gagliano, Agustin Cervai, Jermaine Wright, David Lougedo, Gianfranco Garozzo, Leandro Chocho, Cristien Bravo, Joaquin Cavalet.

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