Kim Yao Schweitzer Humu Surf company stand up paddleKimmi enjoys the protective shade of a Humu Surf hat under the tropical sun off Maui.

Global Partner

Humu Surf Company is named for the beautiful Hawaiian reef triggerfish, and Hawaii’s State Fish, the ‘Humuhumunukunukuapua’a’.

Humu Surf Company Ken WeismannProtect your lid, your skin AND our oceans with a beautiful Humu Surf hat. Dollars donated to Surfrider for every purchase go a long way towards educating our youth about the precious nature of our planet. Photo: Humu Surf Company

Humu Surf Company:  Protecting our Oceans

Humu Surf‘s mission, in addition to building a strong brand in the surfing and stand up paddling communities, is to foster the spirit of aloha and respect for the ocean. The team works hard at Humu to nourish these values in kids of all ages by actively reaching out through education (i.e. working with surf camps, Junior Lifeguard programs and more), as well as through their social media channels, and by leading by example. Humu actively participates in regular beach clean ups sponsored by Surfrider Foundation as well as other organizations. They also develop their own clean up events.

Humu Surf Company stand up paddle surf hatsHats are for everyone and an excellent reminder to protect what we love on our planet. Live with aloha and Humu Surf! Photo by: Humu Surf Company

Live with Aloha:  Educate and Protect

The Humu Surf Co. mission statement states:

“We believe that we can make education fun and interactive.”

Humu Surf strives to encourage people of all ages the vital importance of health. We believe that when we care for of our bodies through diet and exercise, avoid smoking and other destructive habits, then we have a chance to live long, productive lives feeling good! Humu Surf believes we all can be assets to our family, friends, and communities.

These are the lessons learned from respected people within the surfing community whom came before us. There are numerous great mentors like Doc Paskowitz, Duke Kahanomoku, and many others!

Humu Surf believes in strong family values and the importance of community. We can all make a difference and have fun doing it!  To ‘Live With Aloha’ means to love and cherish each other and our planet. 

Humu Surf is proud to donate a portion of their profits to both the Surfrider Foundation (Humu owner, Dr. Ken Weismann has been a lifetime member for over 20 years ) as well as the Oceanic Preservation Society. We believe dolphins and whales -including Orcas – never belong in captivity and should not be hunted for food. Such great marine creatures have the right to live happy, joyous and free in the wild where humans have the privilege to share with them in the surf break, from a boat, or snorkeling.  Let’s all enjoy nature together.

HUMU’s Designs Reflects Nature

Humu Surf Company’s hats and rashies, for kids to adults all reflect the awesome power and colors of nature.  Now, you can keep your head protected and serve the planet by wearing Humu!  Aloha.

Kimmi loves to wear her Humu cap when out for a paddle in the warm waters off Maui. Photo by: Humu Surf Co.

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