Jersey barriers are notoriously difficult to skate, yet extremely satisfying to get any type of trick on. But this switch nosegrind (Jerry grind, ode to Hsu) clip from Ian McGraw is pretty insane.

More often than not, we see a little DIY support on barrier spots; maybe some added transition, or just general TLC to ease it up a bit. But Ian took it upon himself to bash into the thing — switch, no less — and get on top of it!

After digging through a few other videos on Ian’s IG, I noticed he’s no stranger to this barrier spot, nor challenging spots in general. His feed is a mixture of crusty spots and rad art, a small glimpse into his creative mind.

If you’ve ever skated a spot like this, then you know just how gnarly this trick is. The process of the make is exciting to watch as well, and might have you at the edge of your chair waiting for that glorious roll away. And if you’re looking at this wondering, What’s the big deal? Then I challenge you to stop and step to one the next time the moment presents itself. Humble yourself and get yours!

Video / @ian.mcgraw

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