Jordi’s been ripping it up all over Florida and blessed us with this new part.

“I filmed the video over the course of four years while studying for my bachelor’s degree at the University of South Florida. My filmer, Justin Santiago, lived out in the Orlando area while I was staying in Tampa. Without Disney traffic, we live a good two hours away from each other. Regardless, Justin and I made constant roadtrips over the years and filmed at every spot in between. I graduated from college back in 2020 but the footage sat untouched for a few years—hence the video title, Overdue.

“Later on, a good friend of mine from Florida, Jean-Luc Vida, agreed to edit the part for me. He lives out in Long Beach, California now, but he’s produced a lot of the hometown videos I used to watch growing up. Jean-Luc basically recoded and edited all the footage together into a cohesive project. I’m glad the clips are finally seeing the light of day.”

Us too Jordi!

Filmed by @justinrsantiago

Edited by @jeanlucvida

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